Let’s talk Magic Wands: Can you handle the Cadillac of sex toys?

Guest post by Lisa

Disclaimer: This post is sexually explicit, so if you’re at work, or if you embarrass easy, you may want to come back when you’re alone.

Today I want to talk to you about the magic wand. Sorry Harry Potter fans, not that kind of magic wand. I’m talking about this magic wand…

Magic Wand Original
Magic Wand Original

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a personal vibrator with two speeds that plugs in. No batteries, good for the environment, and you won’t run out of power at the critical moment!

Here’s everything you need to know about the world’s most popular vibrator…

First things first

If your toy collection does not include this, order one NOW.

Its strong vibration makes it an unfailing friend in masturbation, and its symmetrical shape makes it a natural for partnered, face-to-face fun. For those who are looking for their first orgasm, the electric vibrations will awaken a slumbering clitoris very effectively. The Wand provides strong, steady stimulation. It can be totally helpful for anyone who feels like they are losing interest in sex.

The Magic Wand has been around for quite some time

Since 1968! It was originally used as a personal massager for sore muscles. I have used it on sore muscles in my neck, shoulder blades, and even a sciatic nerve problem once and it worked fabulously. But it has been made legendary by shows like “Sex in the City” and books like “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

It is a plug in toy and, yes, you can use an extension cord

Actually if you’re using an extension cord I would love to hear your story… Are you walking around the house with this? Or have you taken it over to the neighbors for ladies night? Or the morning coffee club? NOW, that would be a great follow-up post.

If you are a first time vibrator user, this is not the toy for you

It has some startling, almost overwhelming horsepower. It has two speeds, low and high — 5,000 rpm vs 6,000 rpm. Did you just spit your soda with shock and disbelief? Well, wipe your face off and calm your nerves, because I was NOT kidding. I personally cannot use this toy on high, and probably never will.

With the kind of power this toy puts out, it is not quiet

This is not a toy you want to play with when anyone is nearby, when your baby is napping, or when your teenage girls are upstairs. Unless you have an unbreakable lock on your bedroom door and have very loud music playing, as the noise it makes is one thing — but the noise it will MAKE you make is another.

Now to the head of this toy…

It resembles a microphone. I have put it to my lips out of curiosity, it will vibrate them right off your face. Most importantly, do not stick this toy where the sun don’t shine — without the attachments it is an external toy only. Unless you want to be a bad (hilarious) story the ER doctors and nurses tell for years to come, do NOT stick it in anything — that includes water. You will be electrocuted.

Besides clitoral stimulation…

I’m not a professional Hitachi master, but it can be put on your nipples, on or in between your balls, and on your rectum, for very intense stimulation.

It also can be used as a couples toy

Take turns! You know… massaging each other’s necks, legs, shoulders… and all the other erogenous zones. It is very very intense, at least for me, almost too intense. For many women it causes mind-blowing, eye-rolling, screaming-like-a-porn-star orgasms. It also can cause squirting, so put down a towel or two.


Good old-fashioned soap and water works best. I do know they make toy cleaners, but I just don’t trust the chemicals in those things

So, if you’re ready for the Cadillac of sex toys, then this is a must-buy. Maybe put it on your holiday gift list — I am sure Santa would love to come down your chimney with this gift. πŸ˜‰

Don’t be shy, give it a try!

Comments on Let’s talk Magic Wands: Can you handle the Cadillac of sex toys?

    • Thank you for reading my article. I did not know about the speed adjuster. Thank you for that information, as it could be a bit hardcore for a few. Hope you have a fabulous night and happy wanding…=)

  1. Is the head flexible? I can’t tell from the photos or description but a friend of mine has a mini version of one of these and the head is so flexible that it doesn’t do much good.

  2. I LOVE my Magic Wand. I used mine heavily for 4 years before it died and immediately ran out to replace it.

    Extra tip: I know some people (myself included) find it helpful to put some sort of fabric between Magic Wand and any sensitive bits you may be using it on – even on the low setting, it’s a little much. I usually just grab a t-shirt I’ve already worn that needs to go in the wash anyway.

  3. Actually the original Hitachi has been completely discontinued. The company sold all rights and cut ties so that Vibratex could take over. The new Hitachi is significantly less strong than the previous version that was made by Hitachi. Also of note, none of its parts are completely sanitizeable.

    As good as the Hitachi was, there are several much more body safe options available that are specifically designed for what the Hitachi is typically used for. The Fairy wand original, the Lelo smart wand, and the Mystic rechargeable are a few I can think of off the top of my head. Those are all fully sanitizeable, designed for sexual use, and owned by reputable companies. None of which the Hitachi was, until Vibratex bought it, but it still can’t be cleaned well.

    Also, toy cleaners made by a good company are absolutely safe. If you’re not using a non-porous toy then you’re safer off using a condom and/or toy cleaner with your toy than just soap. You should never use a porous toy, like the Hitachi, without a barrier method and/or safe cleaner.

    The Hitachi take over was made public so I’m surprised at least that information wasn’t included. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to know where my products are coming from and if they’re safe.

    • It’s kind of a blunt instrument, frankly. I *like* high power at times, and I just find the wand overwhelming and numbing. (The 2-speed Wahl actually has a stronger setting, but it is deep and rumbly instead of buzzy, which I like far better. Also, cheap as hell, and good on knotted up shoulders.)

      If you look into the world of vibrating objects actually designed to get you off, you will find that most of them have variable power settings, which start a lot lower than the hitachi does. Most of the small vibrators specifically intended for clitoral use start waaaay lower (and sometimes don’t go high enough.) Good brands to look for are Lelo (particularly the Mona 2) and Fun factory; Ohmibod’s new “Cuddle” is supposed to be awesome without being really high powered. Also, all of those are made from entirely body safe materials, that are non-porous and phlatate free. (Dangerous Lilly has a lot of great information about safe and unsafe materials for toys, and there is a lot of nasty stuff on the market, since sex toys are not regulated.)

      • I am a fan of the types specifically meant for clitoral use. If you are a newbie to buying, try looking for “bullet” type vibrators. Many of them also offer the same benefits as the wand: plug-in, multiple settings, uniform round shape, non-gendered colors (like silver), good for use with partners. Some extra bonuses: completely sanitizable, water-proof/for use in water, typically quieter motors due to better casing.
        If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, I would either go to a reputable store that lets you take products out of the package and play, or find a home-sales consultant like Pure Romance.

    • It is super charged, but I do think every girl should try one at least..so run out and buy one today…=) Thank you for reading the article and commenting. Keep me posted if you try, love to hear your after thoughts.

  4. My boyfriend bought me one a few years ago along with several different head attachments. I HIGHLY recommend getting a step-less speed controller so you can dial down the vibrations, otherwise, it is so intense that you may actually go a little numb before you get to the finish (or maybe that’s just me…..)!

    They also have a cushion mount that the wand slides into to give you hands-free playing options!

    • Wow to hands free, that’s what I am talking about. Thank you for the information and thank you for reading my article and commenting. As much experience as I have with it. I did not know some of the above specifics, thank god so many have used it. Happy Wanding…=)

  5. I love, love, love mine! The first one lasted for a number of years (>5?), and now I’m on my second. I love the large head. My wife has a Wahl vibrator and I’m not as much of a fan of it because it isn’t as strong, and I find the changeable tips not as good as that large head.

    • Thank you for reading and let me ask, when you replace this, is it because you wore out the motor *chuckles*. I guess I better get wanding more often. Thank you for reading my article and commenting. I really need to run out and get those attachments. Sounds like I am not experiencing all I could be. Happy Wanding…=)

  6. “It was originally used as a personal massager for sore muscles.” Suuuuure it was πŸ˜‰ Suuuuure. I actually can’t even use mine on my shoulders or neck, it’s too strong and makes my teeth chatter and my brain hurt, haha.

    I love my Magic Wand but to be honest, it’s kind of whacked-up my sex life. I used to orgasm during PIV but now Lil Clitty won’t even wake up for anything less than a jackhammer. I need to put it in storage and let my nerves comes back, but… I just can’t quit you. It’s basically the closest thing to pushing a button and having an orgasm. I wish it were smaller and less unwieldly- you CAN use it during sex but it’s a hassle, and only works in certain positions (and not my faves.)

    (Doesn’t help that it’s the most effective treatment for my daily tension headaches, even better than drugs. Pretty tough to give that up!)

      • I mostly just got a vibe to try it out, turns out… I liked it. Oops.

        And it’s a lot less work. (I could only get off on top, doing all the work, grinding my clit super hard into his pubic bone… the “IV” part was actually sort of unnecessary. Masturbating involved a complicated structure of pillows and twisted-up blankets. Vibe’s much easier/lazier.)

    • Yeah I have had that uhmm whacked up sex life due to it and yeah there is no man who can compete on 0 to 3 seconds on getting a woman to orgasm. I tried it on my sore muscles too. Just doesn’t seem the same *shrugs*. Yeah you can’t really hide this one in your purse. I think it is a must try, but I know it is not really my favorite. Thank you for reading my article and thank you for commenting. It is nice to know so many use it. Happy Wanding or uhmm, you know. Have a Fabulous day and passes you some tension headache meds, hope this will suffice.

  7. Oh wand vibrators, how I love you…

    I have a delightful battery powered and (best of all) waterproof small wand I bought at Good Vibes forever ago–I haven’t been able to find the same make and model since. Someday I’d like to upgrade to Lelo’s Smart Wand ( http://www.lelo.com/index.php?collectionName=insignia-luxe&groupName=SMART-WAND-MEDIUM ). Cordless, waterproof, rechargeable, silicone, ergonomic design…*dreamy sigh*

    The problem I have with the hitachi, besides the lack of gentle settings, is the cord. I hate corded sex toys, I hate them so much. But if that doesn’t bug you, apparently the Doxy is really good. It’s got ten settings, so it can be a lot more powerful than the hitachi, but it also has more power so it can be stronger. I’ve never tried it but Oh Joy Sex Toy gave it a rave review here: http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/doxy/

    • I want to add my voice to the Oh Joy Sex Toy reviews! not just for the Doxy, but just in general. Go check her out! very nice reviews and information. And fun too!

    • Okay so this is awesome, no cord really? Does the battery run out of juice fairly quickly, as with the power this puts out. You would think it would, Right? I think it was corded so that the power was always the same. Ever have one of the vibrator moments and the batteries lose their juice? That is awful. Thank you for reading the article and commenting. Happy Wanding and thank you for the links. I may have to test that one out next *smiles*.

  8. For the love of the baby jesus, DO NOT BRING THIS WITH YOU ON TRIPS TO EUROPE. I’m now on my third one because I tried using mine in London and another one in Amsterdam. There’s something in the wattage that will make it short out and then make a sad rattling sound.

    • If you’re going to take any American products to Europe, you have to make sure you pack the correct voltage adapter with you. Simply plugging an electronic device into a socket meant for European wattage/voltage WILL damage your electronics.

      • Usually the shape of the outlet makes that impossible anyway, but there might be adapters that don’t actually change the wattage, and only change the plug shape (rather stupid, if there are.)

    • Okay that sounds like a blog waiting to be written. I will be waiting for it *smiles*. Thank you for reading and everyone did you hear her. DON”T take this to Europe. Happy Wanding my friend…=)

  9. I had an original Hitachi for years before it finally died with a LOUD grinding whine. Hubby found a look alike online for very little money and went ahead and bought 2 so we’d have a spare – DON’T BUY THE CHEAP ONES! 2 sessions and #1 quit working at an inopportune moment. Same with its replacement less than a week later. Get the _Magic Wand_ by whoever makes it now or buy a well reviewed version from a good company like Blowfish or Good Vibrations. My current one is going on 2 years now and has had no problems. And it is wonderful for couples, especially if you are a bit difficult getting to orgasm without some extra stimulation! Edit: I just discovered my beloved Blowfish is gone! Sad to see that one of my most trusted sex toy dealers and source of some of the funniest reviews on the net is no longer up and running. πŸ™

    • Thank you for reading my article and OMG to it dying at that moment. That would be awful *shrieks*. I also want to thank you for information as I am not real familiar with all the companies that sell them. Happy Wanding and I hope you have a Fabulous Day…=)

  10. My fiancΓ© gave me one of these bad boys on Monday and for a long distance relationship, you can’t beat it. I happen to be able to orgasm from PIV and anal sex so I am hoping regular use does not desensitize me. But for anyone interested in orgasm training, Pavlovian orgasm conditioning or orgasm torture, you have to get one of these.

    • I also got mine from a long distance boyfriend, he poofed, but hey I did end up with the wand. So I win *chuckles*. Thank you for the orgasm training info and commenting. Much appreciated. So much info on this toy I did not know about. I only went by what I know and experienced of course..=) Happy Wanding and Have a Fabulous Day!

  11. Erika Moen of the Oh Joy Sex Toy comic (which if you don’t read already, you really must start) has always been a Magic Wand lover. But her recent review of the Doxy edged the wand out of it’s #1, first place position in her heart (and night stand!) I immediately went in search for one. (Sadly, it only comes in North American and UK plugs, and I’m in EU)

    Check out the comic here! http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/doxy/

  12. I will check it out and I hope everyone else who finds them self on the page does as well. Thank you for reading. I am off to read the link. Happy Wanding and I am sorry it’s not offered by you. *sniff sniff*. Happy vibrating and have a Fabulous Day…=)

  13. Great article, great instrument, but boo on the dissing of toy cleaner!

    Sex Toy Cleaner is a MUST HAVE in your bedroom – people don’t realize that these keep you and your toys so much safer and healthier. Antibacterial soap, clorox wipes, vinegar, bleach, body wash and dish detergent (I’ve heard ’em all!) all have harsh chemicals in them that can actually break down the material of your toy, which leads to pores and cracks forming. Bacteria can then grow in these pores and give you a raging infection the next time you use your toy. The ingredients in a good quality toy cleaner like Come Clean from Pure Romance is super safe and effective at cleaning your toy without making you or your toy sick. There is a ton of research that goes into these products to make sure they are safe to use on your body. Let’s keep those vaginas happy AND healthy, ladies!

  14. I adore my wand. I broke the first one that I had in a similar way that I always used to break the bullets I got when I was younger and new to the toy world. ( I managed to rip the wires out of the back of it…. I like pressure, what can I say?) Anyway, I found a suitable replacement and I think I managed to get an upgrade. My replacement wand is rechargeable and can be used with or without it plugged in, so with a full charge, I can play with it a variety of ways wirelessly and it has surprisingly good life on the charge even on high. I personally love the high speed; I more often use the lower for build up and foreplay. The high is the big finisher for me and yes, even in the woman who does not ordinarily squirt, it can happen and may very well catch you by surprise. Usually it’s not the first for me but a couple down the line when muscle tension is at its highest. Happy wanding my fellow kinksters. πŸ™‚

  15. Okay, so mine IS connected to an extension cord. Sometimes you might be on the wrong side of the bed, and it’s way easier to just have the extension already on there than to have to stop the action to unplug and plug back in. Plus it’s really dreadful when the cord gets dislodged and you were close to cumming. :-/

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