Build a greenhouse out of recyclables

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‘Round my parts, it’s pretty damn easy to find old wood-framed windows. They come out of farmhouses, falling down foreclosed homes…I see them in so many projects I wonder if there isn’t a country-window-growing breed of tree propagating in the Midwest.

Here’s a good idea on how to use any cache of windows you come across — make ’em work as a backyard greenhouse! This is such a nice size, I could even fit it in my non-existent backyard!

Comments on Build a greenhouse out of recyclables

  1. I love this idea but then I start worrying about lead paint on those old windows.

  2. Sigh…I wish it were that easy to find those windows here. I’d love to restore my 1890 home with those!
    Still, what a pretty idea to reuse something that someone would otherwise throw away. Might make a nice “sun room” too…just tuck in a little reading nook and open the windows for a little breeze. Beautiful.

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