Build a greenhouse out of recyclables

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‘Round my parts, it’s pretty damn easy to find old wood-framed windows. They come out of farmhouses, falling down foreclosed homes…I see them in so many projects I wonder if there isn’t a country-window-growing breed of tree propagating in the Midwest.

Here’s a good idea on how to use any cache of windows you come across — make ’em work as a backyard greenhouse! This is such a nice size, I could even fit it in my non-existent backyard!

Comments on Build a greenhouse out of recyclables

  1. Sigh…I wish it were that easy to find those windows here. I’d love to restore my 1890 home with those!
    Still, what a pretty idea to reuse something that someone would otherwise throw away. Might make a nice “sun room” too…just tuck in a little reading nook and open the windows for a little breeze. Beautiful.

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