Behold: a rec-room staircase crafted from rocks

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Photos courtesy kyky05.
When you buy a house from the owners of a patio design company, you’ve gotta hope for an interesting house. Redditor kyky05 got one — that’s how his house came to have a built-in stone staircase/koi pond leading to the downstairs rec room.

Don’t worry — there’s a normal staircase, too.

Step down the steps and around the corner, and you’ll find the stone stairs lead you down through a cave-like arch, past a l’il fish pond, and into the basement. No handrail, though, so maybe you shouldn’t use this staircase if you’ve had a few to drink.


Comments on Behold: a rec-room staircase crafted from rocks

  1. It’s a fun look for sure. I probably wouldn’t need to be drunk to hurt myself on it though, lol. Ah, the special joys of being naturally clumsy!

    • While I’m sure it’s not to code, it’s clear that there’s another, more standard staircase to be used.

      (Also, “legal”? I’d love to listen in on that arrest “Hello, sir. I’m afraid I’m going to have to arrest you for your koi pond staircase.”)

    • Depends on whether they even have building codes where the house is located. The town I work for doesn’t (nor does the state) so you can pretty much build whatever you want inside. Outside is the only thing we really have some control over.

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