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The stop-you-in-your-tracks, awesome doors and windows in Morocco

Remember when Ariel freaked out about the bathtubs in Puerto Rico? Well, I’m doing something similar with the doors of Morocco! I have not been able to take one walk through the streets of Morocco without stopping to take a photo of a door or a window…

The crocheted window treatment of your rainbow daydreams

I mean… the kitchen design alone is cause to squee. But then you throw in that amazing crocheted window treatment, and you have a rainbow-y halo-y light-streaming day dream! Except it’s real. And, assuming you had the crotchet-ing skills, you could probably make one just like it.

How an ice storm inspired me to rainbow-ify the exterior of my home

I have been spending a lot of my time working on the inside of my house. [Editor’s note: Remember Sara’s living room, rainbow ceiling, and geeky kitchen light makeover?] But recently I started thinking about what I wanted the OUTSIDE of my home to look like. What do you think I would do if I couldn’t decide on a color? Use them all!

How to protect vertical blinds when renting with cats

The rental that we have has vertical blinds on every window and door covering. I’m terrified of them being destroyed by our two seven-month-old kittens. Have you faced this situation, and what did you do about kitten-protecting vertical blinds?

Turn your scarves into a colorful curtains

I can’t get over the light streaming through Homie Shootdanielle’s window covering. She turned silk scarves into gorgeous and completely one-of-a-kind curtains.

Level-Up your window coverings with video game-themed blinds

Pay homage to the history of video games by blocking out the light (and eliminating glare on your screen) with these colourful blinds from Direct Blinds. Each blind features a retro gaming character like Pac-Man or a mushroom from Mario Bros. On top of that, the graphics are made up of controllers, joysticks, and handheld gaming systems from the earliest days of gaming up to today. Can you name every device pictured?

Use window tape to decorate clear surfaces

I just found out about the wonderful world of glass tape! Open up your rooms to a whole new world of surprising style when you use funky-patterned glass tape in several different ways

Use your vertical blinds to display letters and photos

Thanks to etimodnar for uploading this great idea to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Homie Etimodnar is using small clips to display cards and letters on their vertical blinds.