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This reupholstery magic will have you hunting for garbage furniture

It’s been a while since we had some good DIY before and afters from our readers. And then, boom! Offbeat Homie Heather, aka. TheCathedra, uploaded some of her handy reupholstery work to our Flickr page, and… well… WOW. These before and afters are going to have you eyeing every piece of cast-away furniture for their potential.

Great idea: Fix a broken light fixture with fairy magic!

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this amazing lighting hack… “I love thrift store finds! Antique chandelier that wasn’t working, which I was fine with. Just add fairy lights.”

How can you repurpose an old suitcase?

My parents flew over to visit for Christmas and left behind a scruffy old suitcase. The thing is, the suitcase is actually pretty cool, and I’d love to find a way to repurpose it and use it in the house somehow. Any ideas on how to repurpose a cool old suitcase in your home?

How to make a kick-ass (and baby proofed) DIY bar from an old media cabinet

Our kitchen has limited storage, so we knew that we needed an alternate solution to use to store our extensive liquor and glassware collections. And so the repurposed media cabinet to bar was born. Here’s an outline of our process…

The lazy crafters’ guide to making a T-shirt rug

This project is quite easy, and it’s also immensely rewarding. It let me keep old (unwearable) clothes without cluttering my drawers. It gave them a new, useful and pretty life. It’s easy and quick enough to get actually finished in a few days. It leaves behind minimal craftermath. And my favorite part — since it seems I’m getting old and lazy — for the most part it can be done while sitting on the sofa, watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.

My parents’ pallet garden fence is ugly and awesome

My parents got a huge stack of pallets. They also got a huge influx of deer on their property this year. And the idea to grow a big ol’ vegetable garden. These three factors converged to create the Ugly Pallet Fence. Though it be ugly, it is quite effective…

Make a custom wreath out of holiday bows from gifts past

Thanks to Offbeat Homie Tiffany for uploading this to our Flickr pool, and giving us all an awesome holiday decor idea. If you happen to keep and collect awesome holiday bows, round ’em up and make an custom wreath!

What do I do with all my old bras?

I’m going to need a new wardrobe and I’m sure I’ll be dropping off a lot of stuff at charity shops. But… can I do that with bras? Would you buy a second hand booby wrangler? What do you do with bras that are okay, but just don’t fit you anymore?