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These posts cover vegetables, flower gardens, houseplants, and the trails and tribulations associated with them.

Here’s the easiest way to de-stem strawberries

If you’re a strawberry lover like I am, you might be used to chopping off the stem of the strawberry before making it into your oatmeal topping, smoothie ingredient, or shortcake deliciousness. But with that technique, you’re sending a lot of the yummy fruit into the garbage or compost. Here’s a trick I learned to save as much strawberry guts as possible…

Please adopt one of these self-watering planters!

Stop everything and look at these Peropon Drinking Animal Planters! Seriously… do you like cute things? Do you like funny things? Do you like growing things? Then you will like these things!

No gnomes or buddhas: Garden art for atheist adults

It’s a bit difficult to find garden statues that don’t sway religious or kitschy-as-hell! One my first try, I found that dinosaur-eating-gnomes garden statue. I worked hard, tried to stay away from all things “zen” and “gnome,” and rounded up some garden art that adult atheists might actually like…

Gorgeous ganga: These marijuana floral arrangements are dope!

Have you ever smoked pot, and while stoned thought, “Duuuude, what if we made marijuana floral arrangements out of these buds?” If you have, you’re going to flip the fuck out of these images from a styled shoot on our sister site Offbeat Bride. If you haven’t, you will now…

7 tricks to save that dying houseplant in your living room

Are you a notorious plant killer? Have you ever bought a beautiful, exotic looking houseplant and displayed it proudly in your home only to realize two weeks later that the leaves are turning brown and it has completely wilted? Before you throw that dying houseplant into the compost pile there are some things you can do to try to save it.

Urban Homesteading: Planning and planting seedlings

So we got our seedlings planted, now it’s time to plan our garden! In my space, I have a 20’x6′ garden, which only gets sun from the West, with a medium-length growing season, and a fair bit of rain (go West coast!) and sun. Here’s my plan…

Urban Homesteading: Starting a vegetable and herb garden

Planting a garden is super easy, and can be done even if you have no yard, and just a small space with some sun. I can’t even keep houseplants alive, and last year grew enough vegetables to keep me stocked for about four months straight in a single 12×5’ vegetable plot! If you’re thinking, “WHOA! This is way too hard for me, I don’t think I can manage this.” It’s okay, I’ll be gentle…

My trick for low maintenance, affordable, salt-free, organic snail repellent

Fortunately, we have two good sized rosemary plants in our yard. I pulled off several long sprigs and lined the inside perimeter of our garden bed with it — what did I have to lose? If slugs do in fact have an aversion to rosemary, this should do the trick.