All about one queer family's experience with IVF and making babies

The Story of Sadie sits on the mantle in Shannon, Allison, and Sadie's home. The book tells the tale of two adventurous queer women who wanted to make a baby together. It's far from a love story about one getting pregnant with anonymous donor sperm while the other massages feet and masters the art of Lamaze. They opted for a difficult yet decidedly more magical route: Allison carried Shannon's egg.

We are brave and beautiful: a single mom's journey back home with her son

Ooooh, y'all. We're very privileged here at Offbeat Mama, because we get to see and feature a lot of incredible photo sessions. This post is definitely no exception — these photos (shot by North Carolina-based Charo Photography) feature Casey, a single mother, and her son Joseph. The idea behind the photos is ingenious: the pair picked words that they would use to describe one another and wrote them on each other. The results? Totally breathtaking.