May the force be with you: Star Wars-themed family photos featuring Leia breastfeeding an Ewok

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May the force be with you!

The title alone should let you know I am obviously in love with these photos: Hillary and her kids (son Benjamin, daughter Hailey) dressed as characters from Star Wars? YOU GUUUUYS. I was mega thrilled when these shots from Ashlynn Imagery popped up in our Flickr pool, and I’m even more excited to share them.

Says Hillary:

We love Star Wars in our house — a common catch phrase around here is “Patience, Obi-Wan.” Last Halloween my son saw someone dressed as Darth Vader, and was convinced it was Darth Vader himself taking his kids trick-or-treating. From that day on he vowed to be Darth Vader the following year, so of course I was happy to oblige and really excited. I bought his costume at a local party store. When trying to figure what me and the little one could be I decided to make my daughter an Ewok — it just made sense. Having long hair myself I knew I could pull Leia off no problem. I didn’t want to have an over-the-top cost for Halloween, so I decided to up-cycle a teddy bear costume from my son’s first Halloween.
Leia and Darth _MG_0172wm _MG_0184wm
I took scrap material I had from my sewing endeavors and crafted a custom Ewok hood. I wrapped a princess wand to a walking stick with yarn and wrapped necklaces on her as sashes. All was left was me and I didn’t have any white material on hand, so I went through my closet and grabbed everything white and ended up making a skirt from a shirt and taking a long sleeve shirt and layering it with a tank top backwards. I’m all for being resourceful.
Even Ewoks get hungry!
Our costumes turned out way better than expected and I knew I wanted this moment captured forever so my friend Ash of Ashlynn Imagery broke out her studio setup and we took these photos for Halloween. I plan to hang them in my living room. I believe this is a perfect representation of our family.
We're awesome! Everyone smile!
Oh, the CUTE.

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  1. Wow… wow wow wow wowow wowowowowow

    I always feel like we work so hard on our halloween costumes just to walk around in the dark. This is such a perfect way to showcase them. Maybe do it every year and make an album? Love.

    Also, you’re very pretty 🙂

  2. I love this! My husband is a Star Wars freak and we named our little girl Padmé. I still have yet to watch one of the movies. Hoping to do a Star Wars halloween as a family in 2012

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