Post-apocalyptic zombie-slaying family portrait session

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All photos by Bakan Photography.
All photos by Bakan Photography.

Jessica at Bakan Photography recently worked a whole lotta bloody magic when she shot this zombie-slaying-themed family session. We first heard about this shoot from a reader (thanks, Katie!) and then we got an email directly from the mama of the family, photographer Jennifer Owen.

Says Jennifer:

I’m a professional photographer and I’m never in photos with my three children (ages six to sixteen) — so for my birthday this year I asked my husband to make zombie-slaying armor for each of us. Then I asked him if we could spend the day taking zombie fighting photos together, which I knew would get all three children excited about participating.

We spent a month or so in the summer as a family, wandering around the junk yard, visiting flea markets, and going to the local “Re-Store” to find all sorts of fun things to use. The children all helped create their costumes, but the majority of the work was done by my amazing and talented husband — luckily he does armoring an costuming as a side business! I then asked my best friend to take photos of us.

This definitely isn’t the typical family portrait session… we even had a friend dress as a zombie so we could “slay” him in a few photos in exchange for pizza afterward!

The kid's outfits are amazing. COME AT US, ZOMBIES.
Riiiight.. let the littlest lead the way! I see where this is going. I bet homegirl's FIERCE.
Where are they? WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES.
OH SHIT THERE THEY ARE! (for the record, zombies totally freak me out.)
What? We're gonna take a minute to make sure everyone's hair still looks good.

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Right, so. Ok. Let's do this.
IT'S BACK. Like FOR REAL this time.
What did I tell you!? FIERCE. They know who rocks this zombie-slaying fam.
… and another cool shot, just to show we can slay zombies and keep our shit together.
And… who's ready for pizza? I'm totally starved.

You can see the entire SEVEN PAGE SERIES by clicking this link. Seven pages of super amazing zombie slaying? You can thank me later.

Comments on Post-apocalyptic zombie-slaying family portrait session

  1. Thank you for such an awesome article and for featuring my family 😀

    One thing I would like to point out though – is that all of this armor for us was made by my amazingly talented husband Ivan – who had a $75 budget to work with and created unique pieces of zombie slaying armor for each of us and put in about 60-80 hours of time to make my birthday wish come true.

    He has his own blog that could use some love – as the master craftsman behind it all and the one that really put it all together.

    His blog is called Chaincrafts and can be found at chaincrafts dot blogspot dot com and without his amazing creative mind – none of this would have happened 🙂

    Thank you again for the feature!
    I hope it inspires other families to get a little silly and a whole lot of creative and go have some fun together too!

    • Yep!

      We spent $75.

      Not only did we get cheap bits and pieces from the junk yard (where they sell it by the pound and not by the piece) and Re-Store but the power of facebook and asking “Does anyone have any old sports equipment laying around the house they dont want anymore and want to get rid of” – tends to get your garage filled with all sorts of awesome. 🙂

  2. I had tears streaming down my face while looking at this I was so happy in finding it! Im taking a speech class and my group project was how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

    I LOVE LOVE these photos! I wish my family was this willing.

    • All you need to survive the zombie apocalypse is a cute little girl with a teddy bear strapped to her chest in pink boots – the zombies drop from cute overload and the World is saved!

      🙂 But she is mine. Im not sharing. 😛

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