Why having your family photos shot near train tracks looks rad

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I’m totally digging this session from Valdosta, Georgia-based photographer Jacquelynn Buck. This family definitely knew what they were doing when they signed up for their session — do you see some of those poses they’re striking?

All photos by Jacquelynn Buck

I always love it when family photo sessions include a few shots without the kiddos.

I love her hair!
Baby time!
aaaaaaaand bring on the big kid!
Loving the baby converse + tights combo.

You can see more shots from this session at Jacquelynn Buck’s blog.

Comments on Why having your family photos shot near train tracks looks rad

  1. I think these are great shots and a gorgeous family but just an important FYI – It is illegal to shoot on most tracks. Perhaps this photographer knows of a spot where it’s legal (we have one like that in my area) but I just strongly advise everybody to be very careful when shooting on or around train tracks.

      • Actually, just because a track is abandoned doesn’t mean it’s okay to trespass on private property. You could still be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.

    • I worked at a museum once with an historical train station, a couple of train cars and a section of tracks. Shooting at a place like that could be another way to get around the potential danger/illegality of hanging out on “live” train tracks.

      The photos look fabulous.

  2. Gorgeous family photos! I’ll admit that walking on train tracks brings back memories of scary train scenes in Stand By Me and Fried Green Tomatoes, BUT it is definitely an offbeat venue for a photo shoot! I know they are abandoned tracks, but it still makes your family look very adventurous (in a safe way), great pics!

  3. ZOMG…her hair is so beautiful. His glasses are wonderful. The shots are amazing. The kid is so darn cute. All around, a wonderful and very inspiring session! I can not wait to take family pictures when this one pops out.

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