The key to winning photos might be putting a mustache on your newborn

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Megan recently shared this photo session that Denise of Boonie Sunshine Photography (she travels between Nashville, TN, and Kansas City, MO) shot of two-week-old Maximilian. Megan’s husband and Denise are cousins, so the session was part of a baby shower gift. I don’t know about you, but this mustache is pretty much slaying me:

All photos by Boonie Sunshine Photography.

Says Megan: Rusty and I both like to dress up and take photos, so that’s what we did. I had the wax lips saved for almost a year from last year’s Halloween. I had always intended for us to take photos of each other with them, we just never got around to it. While I was pregnant, Rusty and I were at Target, and I saw a set of mustaches in the scrapbook aisle. That’s when I got the idea to use the wax lips for us, and put a mustache on Max for the photo. We have a whole box of costumes, hats, wigs, etc… Rusty cracked it open during the photo shoot and dug out the sombreros to dress Max up with. Rusty also chose the ’80s windbreaker he has on, and I threw on a cocktail hat for good measure. In the end, we got the adorable little newborn photos we (and our families) wanted, along with some of us just being weird and having fun because that’s just what we like to do!
EEEE little wrapped up baby! So precious.
Before super fun dress-up time…
… and after!

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    • Yes, Liset, it’s Max’s nursery! Rusty is a graphic designer, and made them. We bought a bunch of Tootsie Pops while I was pregnant in order to find one with an Indian on it. Then he took that and blew it up to make a stencil out of it. He stenciled one wall with the little Indians one at a time!

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