Two mamas + one baby = three family members happy in the park

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Lindsay is a regular contributor ’round these parts, and I was stoked when she sent over the family photos she and her wife recently had made by Angie Tabaczynski of Portland-based Kate Kelly Photography.

All of these magical photos are by Angie Tabaczynski of Kate Kelly Photography.

I love how this game is ALWAYS fun. Pretty much for everyone.

Cady is the sweetest! You can read her birth story here.
Synchronized smiles!

… and one more tossing photo, because you know I love it.

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  1. Aah! I fell in love with Lindsay’s pictures on her blog awhile back,and it made me super happy to see them again. My photographer-wife drooled for a long time. My favorite is the banner on Lindsay’s blog, though. 🙂

  2. Awww, shucks, you guys! Y’all are so sweet with your comments.

    Jacqueline, that one is my favorite, too! Although it’s almost time to refresh the banner… I’m so reluctant, though! Lol.

    For anyone who would like to check out more from this series, please feel free to that post on my blog:

    Angie really did an incredible job, and anyone in the Portland area in search of a photog should definitely check out the studio she works for:

    Her family/kid/baby photography is awesome!

  3. It’s like you read my mind–just a couple days ago I was looking for a Portland-based maternity photographer, and feeling so discouraged with the blah-ness of every website I found that I totally gave up. I will be calling this photographer as soon as I can dig up the money!

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