Because few things are better than two dads in matching shirts holding matching babies

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New York City-based photographer Susannah Gill recently shared the most blissful family session with us on Two Bright Lights. As she explains:

Alan and Brian have been married for years and have always dreamed of starting a family. They took matters into their own hands and found a surrogate in India. They were more than pleasantly surprised when they learned that she was pregnant with twins. The pair has recently returned to New York City from India with their son and daughter in tow — and now the family is complete.

All photos by Susannah Gill Photography.

Alan (who is hard of hearing) and Brian (who is Deaf) also own a Sign Language School in mid-town Manhattan — so Sela and Seth will grow up knowing two languages. Win!

I am in love with this family and their magical green wonderland surroundings.
… and a black and white shot, just in case you couldn't get enough.
Home again, home again..
So THAT'S what utter happiness looks like!
So… many… baby… TOES.

I see. One's naturally into the camera. The other? Maybe not so much.
I can never get enough of shots like this.

You can see more from this session at Susannah Gill Photography’s blog!

Comments on Because few things are better than two dads in matching shirts holding matching babies

  1. Mfuckn hormones, ugh! Needed that cry! This is so beautiful! Literally, the sun just came out on my rainy, sucky morning because of this. Can’t stop the tears! Things like this give me hope happiness is still achievable in such a negatively charged society like ours!

      • Certainly not quite, but the non-bio dad may have still had to go through the adoption process in order to make sure his rights and responsibilities as a dad are protected and recognized in states that don’t practice marriage equality (this is what my wife had to do with our daughter; NJ recognizes us both as her moms just based on our civil union, but that doesn’t mean other states have to, sans a court-ordered adoption).

        Such a sweet family! What lucky little babies. The love is radiating from these amazing dads!

  2. Love this!!

    As an expecting mama of twins, I want all of these photos taken with my babies when they come! Except I’m due in winter and it would be pretty cold outside for the babies. Still similar inside shots would work.

  3. Alan and Brian are good friends of mine – what a wonderful surprise to see them featured on my favorite blog/website! They are awesome dads and the babies are doing great and are so adorable!

  4. I guess I am the odd one out. I was sort of weirded out about the whole Indian surrogacy thing. Why did they have to go to India for this? I am hoping for the best, but I am wary of situations where there is such a large wealth and power difference. India is also the country where you can go to buy impoverished peoples organs. In the United States surrogacy is pretty regulated, I would hate for us to start going overseas to build a market for this kind of thing. Hopefully I am just being overly cautious and I wish this family the best.

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