A sweet batch of sassy and colorful mom-and-me photos

Maddie wasn't expecting Augie to come along the way but she's told me more times than I can count that Augie was the best thing to happen in her life. Maddie's life is different than most of the people her age but you know what's rad? Maddie and Augie make the damn best of what they have and go on in life with nothing but smiles on their faces and in their hearts.

Take some time and journey to a dreamy sleeping baby land

Chantell and Freddy celebrated the recent birth of daughter Liliana in Chantell's mother's home. The trio enlisted the expertise of Laura Isle Photography for their session, which seems like an awesome fit — I'm not usually especially drawn to photos of babies in baskets, but these look like Lily was in the middle of the best sleep ever in the softest bed ever and just fucking loving it.

An offbeat auntie Santa Monica outing

Ooooh we've received a little more photo magic via Two Bright Lights again! This set of photos is of photographer Ilene Squires's best friend and her niece and nephew. I love the idea of an auntie or uncle (or family friend!) having his or her own photo session with the kids — it's something you don't see a lot!