They might just be one of the hottest families in the universe

I was going through the photos in the Flickr pool for next week's Montage when BOOM: my eyes landed on this delightful little mini-feast of beauty and love. There are so many things to discuss: how the mom is so lively and has amazing dreads, how the three kidlets are so stylin' I can't handle it, and how the dad definitely has a mild Johnny Depp thing going on.

Because few things are better than two dads in matching shirts holding matching babies

Alan and Brian have been married for years and have always dreamed of starting a family. They took matters into their own hands and found a surrogate in India. They were more than pleasantly surprised when they learned that she was pregnant with twins. The pair has recently returned to New York City from India with their son and daughter in tow — and now the family is complete.