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Family portraits

Cute photos of cute offbeat families!

A peek into the life of Jude and his two moms

If the last few family portrait session posts are any indication, I’m on a bit of a sunshine kick — and these photos of the adorably-named Jude and his two moms definitely fit the bill! Jude’s moms are getting ready to try to conceive baby number two, so they thought this was the perfect time to capture their lives while they’re still a family of three.

Rewind to autumn with this Canadian engagement-meets-family-meets-maternity session

Not so long ago, temperatures were significantly warmer in much of the Northern hemisphere. Like, warm enough to wear a dress WITHOUT A COAT, if that’s your thing. Since those days are gone and it sometimes seems like winter will never release its icy grip (see also: I live in the Pacific Northwest), this sunny family portrait session from Samantha Clarke Photography seems like just the thing to warm your cold, bitter bones.

SPOILERS: there’s an awesome Doctor Who-themed family session headed your way

I realize that if you’re not a fan of Doctor Who then this post doesn’t mean much to you, which is why I made the subject line as blatantly obvious as I could — feel free to skip on over it. But FYI Whovians in the house: we have a treat for you today!

A family photo session served with lots of yellow and a hand-drawn lighthouse

Jonas Seaman is a longtime friend of the Empire — he took photos at the reception we had in October 2011 and promptly became everyone’s best friend. I’ve been blogstalking him, patiently waiting for the day that he took the dive into family photography and friends: that day has come. If you live anywhere near Seattle, you’re going to be hauling yourselves up to his door and asking to have your photos taken after seeing these snaps!

A sweet batch of sassy and colorful mom-and-me photos

Maddie wasn’t expecting Augie to come along the way but she’s told me more times than I can count that Augie was the best thing to happen in her life. Maddie’s life is different than most of the people her age but you know what’s rad? Maddie and Augie make the damn best of what they have and go on in life with nothing but smiles on their faces and in their hearts.

Photos of a tattooed mama and her little dragon at a carnival

If you were just musing to yourself about how it’s been TOO LONG since you’ve seen an adorable mama-and-baby photo session set in a fair (just me?), MUSE NO LONGER. This session from Meggan Joy Photo is the realization of all of your fair-themed dreams.

Family photo session round-up and more tips for rocking your own photos

Family portrait sessions are one of my favorite things that people do — there’s no better way to capture where your family is at the moment. The sessions are also super diverse — you can shoot in the intimacy of your home, at a park or playground you frequent, or anywhere.

A day in the life: let’s follow this family of four and their dog around for a while

I love love love “day in the life” type family sessions (you guys might remember Ariel’s family photos by Jenny Jimenez last year — the same ones that featured those fab Care Bear suits). You get SO MUCH MORE from your family session when the photographer sticks around for more than an hour.