A sweet batch of sassy and colorful mom-and-me photos

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All photos by Wyn Wiley.

This mom and kiddo photo session from Wyn Wiley is so good it made me jump up and down and giggle with glee — these two are a match made in some kind of dreamy and chaotically colored parent-child heaven. LOOKIT:

Says Wyn: “I’ve been blessed to know Maddie since middle school and Augie since he was born. Maddie wasn’t expecting Augie to come along the way but she’s told me more times than I can count that Augie was the best thing to happen in her life. Maddie’s life is different than most of the people her age but you know what’s rad? Maddie and Augie make the damn best of what they have and go on in life with nothing but smiles on their faces and in their hearts. Their love for life is pretty evident in these photos and shooting them was plain nuts awesome.”

My goal with photography is to capture people at the moments when they are most truly themselves. I want the big bear hugs and the uncontrollable laughs. So we explore. We discover and let the family interact and be themselves. On this session we explored around some train tracks (trains are Augie’s favorite) and an abandoned building downtown. We had a blast running, climbing, laughing, falling, getting not just dirty but flat-out covered in dirt and most of all, eating some cookies.

You can see more at Wyn Wiley’s photo blog.

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