SPOILERS: there’s an awesome Doctor Who-themed family session headed your way

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I realize that if you’re not a fan of Doctor Who then this post doesn’t mean much to you, which is why I made the subject line as blatantly obvious as I could — feel free to skip on over it. But FYI Whovians in the house: we have a treat for you today!

These photos by DC-area photographer Rassilon Photography (yep, named after that Rassilon) are supremely ADORBZ. Helene, who spends plenty of her time writing for Wired.com’s GeekMom blog when not behind a camera, has been friends of the family featured for years. Here’s what she had to say about their session:

When this family contacted me I knew it would be an amazing session. Being great friends of ours, I knew they had just as much a love for Doctor Who as my family. They had only asked for a birthday session for their 9-year-old daughter, nothing special. I love adding geeky or very personal themes into photo shoots. Given the Whovian nature of this family, I knew this would be awesome. We pulled together a ton of Doctor Who gear and costumes from both of our houses and headed out to do the shoot.


The mom had watched Doctor Who since she was a child when Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor. The Dad fell in love when the series rebooted, and the daughter was raised watching all of the episodes.


Oh hey guys! Just hanging out with my plush talking Dalek friends and reading this extra copy of River Song’s TARDIS Journal that I had lying around.


My family has a very similar story, husband started when he was very young with Tom Baker, I started with the reboot, and our two boys (2 and 4) asked to watch Doctor Who long before they ever even knew what a super hero was.


Is this a Doctor Who meets Say Anything reference? I DID NOT KNOW LIFE COULD BE SO SWEET.

You can see more from this session on Facebook, and you should totally check out Rassilon Photography if you’re in her neck of the woods.

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  1. Ha! Awesome! We did Dr. Who family costuming for halloween with the kids dressed as a Dalek, a Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel. The wives were female versions of the Doctor (10 and 11) and the husbands were male versions of Rose and River (my husband has long, blond curly hair and hers had just bought a blond wig for a Thor costume so it worked out well). It was tons of fun, but the pictures are sadly low quality.

  2. I am aunt to this family- they are a great bunch of people and I am very impressed by their parenting skills- that little girl is really lucky to have the mom and dad she has!

  3. That was totally BRILLiant! Even River’s dress made an appearance. I’m a fan of the reboot (particularly the latest Doctor and River) so this was lovely.

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