Rewind to autumn with this Canadian engagement-meets-family-meets-maternity session

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All photos by Samantha Clarke Photography.

Not so long ago, temperatures were significantly warmer in much of the Northern hemisphere. Like, warm enough to wear a dress WITHOUT A COAT, if that’s your thing. Since those days are gone and it sometimes seems like winter will never release its icy grip (see also: I live in the Pacific Northwest), this sunny family portrait session from Samantha Clarke Photography seems like just the thing to warm your cold, bitter bones. PLUS: the photos are doubling (tripling?) as a maternity AND engagement session, since this family is getting ready to welcome a new member and planning a wedding this year!

Steve and Traceen are waiting until the birth to find out the sex of their baby, and are super duper smiley about it. Yay, surprises!

OH HEY CUTIES. Look at how y’all coordinated the scarf and the shirt! High five.


Could this family be any more precious?


I have to say FIVE STARS to the digital fam. Also, lookit: the subjects become the photographers… of themselves!

Oh, sunshiney, blissy happy.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I LOVE! Don’t you all feel warmer now? If you have family photos to share, send ’em to us: you can use Flickr or Two Bright Lights!

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  1. So cute! I think it’s funny that photographers/websites will tell you not to wear patterns for portraits, but often it actually ends up looking so good! The stripes on beautiful mama here look especially great.

    • DUDE! Totally agree with this! As a photographer, I tell people to wear clothes they love, because they know how they look and feel on their body. I am a big fan of patterns personally. 🙂

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