Family photo session round-up and more tips for rocking your own photos

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Photo by Roy B Photos.

Family portrait sessions are one of my favorite things that people do — there’s no better way to capture where your family is at the moment. The sessions are also super diverse — you can shoot in the intimacy of your home, at a park or playground you frequent, or anywhere. The above shot by Roy B Photos was set up in the family’s back yard — they hung cages and fabric on their trees and used a fog machine leftover from a recent Halloween party to set the mood!

I’ve looked around online and in our Flickr pool for more family fun — and included a few tips for how to make your own family session extra special:

Photo by Roy B Photos.

Photo by Roy B Photos.

Shoot where you know + add a bunch of COLOR!

I love this next session from Sweet Violet Photography:

The session began downtown with a few playground antics..

… doughnut munching…

and ended with a bunch of Holi powder and FUN!

Don’t be afraid to get silly — like, real silly


This photo from Whitney Lee Photography is just so GREAT: if everyone wants to make a face in the photo, why not let them?

Photo by Crimson and Clover Photography.

I was shooting this family when the couple’s daughter told me she and her dad like to climb trees — and a photo was born!

Photo by Cocoa L Photography.

I LOVE that this shot from Cocoa L Photography includes grand-dad — and that he was game for jumping in the pool! You can see more from the session here.

Photos by Ashley + David Photography.

The faces in these three photos by Ashley + David Photography were so great I couldn’t pick just one!

When in doubt, stage a pillow fight

These photos by A&M Photography are family photo fun at its BEST:

Photos by A&M Photography.

We’ve talked about tips for family sessions before, but I’m sure you guys have more: let’s hear ’em!

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