A day in the life: let's follow this family of four and their dog around for a while

Updated Oct 12 2015
All photos by Jennifer Boyle Photography.

I love love love "day in the life" type family sessions (you guys might remember Ariel's family photos by Jenny Jimenez last year — the same ones that featured those fab Care Bear suits). You get SO MUCH MORE from your family session when the photographer sticks around for more than an hour. Jennifer Boyle hung out with Stacey, Mike, their two-year-old son, two-month-old daughter, and Great Dane Stella and captured all that magical new baby bliss.


Pet win.

She is totally all, "DUDE. What is that big black box and what do you think you're doing with it?

Love love love cooking with your kids shots! Look at how into it he is! He's totally all, "GOOOOOOOOO!"

Eeep! Cute baby, lovely dad, awesome photo.


Aaaaaaaand we end on the most super adorable precious amazing wonderful lovely family photo. SO perfect!

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