A family photo session served with lots of yellow and a hand-drawn lighthouse

Updated Oct 12 2015
All photos by Jonas Seaman.

Jonas Seaman is a longtime friend of the Empire — he took photos at the reception we had in October 2011 and promptly became everyone's best friend. I've been blogstalking him, patiently waiting for the day that he took the dive into family photography and friends: that day has come. If you live anywhere near Seattle, you're going to be hauling yourselves up to his door and asking to have your photos taken after seeing these snaps!

Jonas spent some time with Chad Syme and his family on a cloudy day and made MAGIC. Chad is an illustrator and art director (and a bit of a Pinterest superstar), and he definitely colored this session with his style:


Can we talk about this sweater? Because it's incredible.

Look at all the yellow! My eyes are so happy.


The original game plan for the session was to meet at a lighthouse — when that fell through, Chad DREW the lighthouse on his wall. Win.

You can bask in more glory at Jonas's website.

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