Photos of a tattooed mama and her little dragon at a carnival

Updated Oct 12 2015
All photos by Meggan Joy Photo.

If you were just musing to yourself about how it's been TOO LONG since you've seen an adorable mama-and-baby photo session set in a fair (just me?), MUSE NO LONGER. This session from Meggan Joy Photo is the realization of all of your fair-themed dreams:

Says Meggan, "Rebecca is such an interesting individual and a fantastic mother. She lets her son Ezekiel be a kid. A messy, silly baby who is learning the world for the first time is always worth photographing. Especially with such remarkable people and location. When someone is as passionate about life as she is it makes my job even more fun."

  1. This is me scrolling through the post:

    "Carnival!! Yay!"

    "D'awww!! What a cutie!"

    "His mama is beautiful, what gorgeous hair! I wonder…does his hat say "boobs"?


    From there it was more cooing over adorableness (and Rebecca's glasses) but apparently I'm five because the boobs hat made my day.

    Heh heh. Boobs.

  2. ha ha! the boobs hat also just about did my head in. ha ha! im so in love with the baby dragon outfit!!!!!!!!!!

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