Tired of being misgendered?: Cute pronoun pins to the rescue

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I saw this tweet and I thought about how much pronoun pins could help not just con attendees, but also people who work in the service industry who consistently get misgendered. Or… hear me out… you could use pronoun pins as gentle but obvious reminders to your family during the holidays!? So if you also don’t love being repeatedly misgendered, or just want to help remind people of how you identify, let’s dive in and look at…

Some of the cutest pronoun pins I could find:

TrendyonDemand makes some really cute pronoun pins
Cat Person Pronoun Enamel Pins by TheCatnipDispensary
Speech bubble pronoun pins by ScienceAndFiction
Embroidered Sweethearts Pins by ThistleFinchDesigns
Pronoun Planchette Pin by grrrlspells
Chemical element pins by YasPetitPoulet
Large Blank Pronoun Badge by bundleofquarks

I particularly love this last one as it’s large, hard to miss, and you can write it whatever pronouns you’re feeling that particular day or use a permanent marker to set it and forget it.

If it’s not a cute pronoun pin, what are YOUR go-to ways to avoid being misgendered?

Comments on Tired of being misgendered?: Cute pronoun pins to the rescue

  1. Ok question time.

    Since “they” is not possessive, I assume that something like “she/they” means you should use either “she/her” OR “they/them”.

    Is there an implied preference? Should I lean towards “they/them” because “she/her” is closer to the ‘default’.

    Or is it order dependent? Should I lean towards “she/her” because it’s listed first? ( I imagine this would be significant if the person is not ‘female-presenting’. )

    And before anybody suggests it: I know I can ask. I’m just curious if there is convention.

      • It really depends. I have friends who actually prefer one set or another but list both. (One friend prefers they/them but includes he/him because that is the set often used in work environments and how they are read at first glance often.) Some people actively want you to use both and mix them up. Some are happy to have either set used. I also know people who use two sets because it depends on context (this is especially true for DID systems who may be giving you an individual pronoun set and a collective pronoun set). So… easiest thing is to just ask for clarification! I haven’t met someone who minds if you ask, “Do you want me to use both sets of pronouns or is there one set you would like me to use?”

  2. Those are adorable! I wish I knew things that helped more. Most of my meetings are in Zoom so I have my pronouns in my name (I use they/them at work but my actual pronouns are tey/tem/ter). My coworkers are great about my name which I changed almost 2 years ago) but my pronouns are a challenge. I have a little sign at my office door.

    For the Canadians, Little Rainbow Paper Company has some cute pins! I have their black glitter “they” pin for work! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/littlerainbowpaperco

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