I found the best big electric fireplaces for large spaces

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Offbeat Home's search for the best big electric fireplace
I needed a big electric fireplace to make all this Christmas happen!

I am currently drowning in open tabs during my increasingly-frustrating search for a big electric fireplace for our oversized living room. I have extra high ceilings so a tall fireplace was a necessity. But apparently “tall” in the electric fireplace industry means “over 4 feet” and is a rarity. There are so many adorable and fashionable small electric fireplaces, but finding the right big electric fireplace has been almost impossible!

And while it’s actually pretty easy to search for an electric fireplace by width on any site, you can only shop by height on Wayfair. So since I have been doing all this research (and finally found what I was looking for!) I thought I’d share my findings in case you too are thinking about getting an electric fireplace for a larger space…

The best big electric fireplaces I found:

I came very close to buying this one, as it was one of the biggest and best looking electric fireplaces I found. But it ended up being just a teensy bit TOO big for my space (width-wise). But if this one fits for you, congrats you lucky duck.

I love this one because it’s a convertible electric fireplace, which means it can fit right up against the wall or in a corner if you need it to take up more space. And it has faux stonework for texture.

How gorgeous is she? The painted wood and faux stone makes for a really aesthetically pleasing combo for the right interior. This lady is a little over four feet tall, but it’s also wonderfully wide for really big spaces.

So I started my search looking for a vintage Spanish style electric fireplace (to match our 1920s Spanish-style house) but that apparently doesn’t exist in size Large. Except this one was the closest I could come to vintage Spanish. Alas, it’s not the right kind of style. But I like how hard it’s trying.

I feel like this electric fireplace would instantly turn any room into a cozy library in the English countryside. How I wish I had the wall space for this one — it has an extra wide infrared electric firebox (15″ wider than standard fireboxes)!

This little lady right here is the one I purchased (I got it on Amazon on a steep sale, but it’s widely available through other different sellers, including Wayfair). She won my heart for several reasons:

  1. Over 4 feet tall (though barely)
  2. Has incredible reviews on almost every site where it’s sold
  3. Doesn’t look fake AF
  4. The faux stone gives it some texture
  5. There’s a hidden media storage box, so I could eventually use it as a media cabinet if i move it to a different space.
  6. Bonus: Is a smart electric fireplace. (Come on Alexa, light my fire!)
  7. Look how good she looks:

Where to continue your search:

If neither of these fireplaces did it for you, and you still need to continue your search for big electric fireplaces, you can definitely head over to Amazon, Wayfair, and Home Depot and Electric Fireplaces Direct for some really good selections.

Comments on I found the best big electric fireplaces for large spaces

  1. I love to describe these fireplaces to aliens visiting our planet.

    Me: “It’s a place to keep a fake fire”
    Alien: Oh do you use it heat your living space?
    Me: Ha ha not anymore. It’s too weak to do that.
    Alien: Oh do you use it to cook your meals?
    Me: Ha ha not anymore. It’s too weak to do that either.
    Alien: Oh well why does it have to be so big?
    Me: Well you can hang stockings there.
    Alien: Oh do you dry your clothes in front of it?
    Me: Ha ha… not anymore…

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