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Tired of being misgendered?: Cute pronoun pins to the rescue

Pronoun pins could help con attendees, but also people who work in the service industry too. Or… hear me out… gentle but obvious reminders to your family during the holidays!? So let’s dive in and look for some of the cutest pronoun pins I could find.

Turn your Etsy envy into wood burning with pyrography

My love for pyrography, aka wood burning, came from Etsy envy.

In an effort to share this most exciting of journeys with you, my dearest DIY Homies, here are the things you will need to start your pyrographical adventure from Etsy envy to unfettered creativity…

Stop everything and look at this Cookie Monster bikini

Just look at it looking at you. It’s totally staring right into your cookie-slaying soul, and saying, “you know you need this in your life. You didn’t even know I existed until today, but now that you do… the whole world just seems to make sense again.”

RAWR: Etsy delivers handmade lion-themed cuteness for that little kid you know

How absolutely ADORBZ is this lion hat and diaper cover set made by Offbeat Families Flickr pool member HiLL.jO?! SO cute I had to cruise Etsy to see what other lion-themed preciousness is available, and naturally that’s a veritable treasure trove of diaper covers, birthday cakes, nursery designs, and so. many. outfits that are waiting for you to “AWWW” all over them.

Superhero-themed tutus for your wonderling to rock life in

I’ve always thought it’d be extra wondrous in a super geeky way to combine mountains of tulle with superheros, but I didn’t realize someone else had already done it.

Nice for tender feet: let’s chat about soft shoes for babies and toddlers

Every so often I can’t resist the urge to gawk at material cuteness, and right now I am totally in love with little baby and toddler feet wrapped up in Robeez. I (foolishly! FOOLISHLY!) spent my son’s infancy under the impression that it would be silly to put him in shoes. I distinctly remember being told once that he should be in shoes because it was cold out, and I remember looking the person in question in the eye and pointing out that my child had on two layers of socks.

Funky monster-themed accessories for your kid… or for you

I actually met the brains behind Htavos Kooky Monster Art Shop at Geek Girl Con, and purchased one of their “La-La Monsters” (they’re designed by his five-year-old niece!) — which unfortunately don’t appear to be listed at the shop! But you can snag one of these Toaster and Pop Tart Twin Plushies, which are suuuper cute.

Super awesome parenthood art from Etsy

Get ready for some parenthood-inspired art from vendors on Etsy that will make you teary-eyed. Seriously.