Herbs in coffee cans, hung with zip ties. I take no credit for this, it is all my husbands doing : )

Check out Offbeat Homie Christie’s “balcony herb garden,” which is a fancy way of saying coffee cans, hung with zip ties. When asked how plants performed in coffee cans, she explained:

They did extremely well in the cans! We actually had to move some of the mint it got so huge. We have a house and an acre of land now but if I was to do this again, I would leave more room at the top so when watering, it did not spill out so easily.

So start saving those cans this winter so you can start growing those herbs next spring!

Comments on Save your coffee cans to make a hanging herb garden

  1. I’m so glad you covered this! I’ve pinned the idea on Pinterest, but so many of the “cool ideas” I’ve found there are hit or miss when it comes to actually working well. If Massachusetts’ never-ending winter from hell ever goes away, this will be a part of the deck garden I’m dreaming up.

  2. This is a super cool idea. I have a balcony facing North and we get a few hours of sun in the morning and a few in the evening, BUT only on the front 18″ or so of the balcony. This would be great to free up space on the floor for my attempt at lettuce.

    Coffee cans with flowers in them would be a great gift for someone too, maybe tie the can with some raffia or ribbon and BOOM insta-gift.

    • It is a great idea, but with holes at the bottom of the cans, where does the water drip onto? You would need to catch the water in something, but what would one use to create an appealing floor area?

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