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funny welcome doormats

Give your package delivery guy a giggle with these funny welcome mats

Whether you want to entertain your friends or (like me) only get visits by Amazon and solicitors, you’ll be setting the right tone with one of these funny welcome mats. I don’t even know which one I’d pick: I have cats, my home is barely okay, I love Joanna Gaines, and a good pun never goes astray. Help me decide by chiming in with your fave.

How do I keep pigeons off my apartment balcony?

How do I reclaim my balcony from the pigeons?

Homies, I need your help: pigeons won’t leave my 12th-floor balcony alone. After putting up with two rounds of pigeon babies being born and raised because I had a heart or something, enough is enough. My cat chirps at them, and if they see her, they fly away — but then they come right back. I bought a plastic owl with a rotating head, but unless I move it around the balcony every day, they get wise to it and ignore it. Am I doomed to this owl-repositioning fate forever? Or are there other options?
Help! There’s so much poop!

Apartment balcony container garden: before and after

Last year, I tried planting some simple herbs for the first time; this year, I decided to get serious and do some real vegetable container gardening! To fuel my motivation, I even took a workshop on organic balcony gardening through one of our local CSAs, Fresh City Farms. But first, I needed to clean up the rust and ugly of our apartment balcony…

Save your coffee cans to make a hanging herb garden

Check out Offbeat Homie Christie’s “balcony herb garden,” which is a fancy way of saying coffee cans, hung with zip ties. When asked how this DIY herb garden performed in coffee cans she explained…

How to DIY an adorable bathtub pond

I’ve always wanted a house near some body of water. Since our current home is in a subdivision and our house is situated in what I think is geographically a canyon, my husband Jared and I had to get creative. So we created what we call The Tuttle Aquatic Gardens. That’s just a fancy name for a pond made out of a bathtub.

If you’d like to attempt your own bathtub pond, here’s how!

How can I get outdoor lighting with no power?

Here’s the dilemma… we’d love to make more use of our large balcony — except there’s no power outlet out there, or even lights above. It gets pretty dark out there, so we havent really made much use of the space at night which is a shame. We’ve run extension cords for power before, but it would be cool if any of the Offbeat Homies have got better ideas for lighting up the balcony!

Buy tiles as souvenirs and use them as home decor

I used Mexican ceramic tiles that I brought back from the Seaport Tile Shop in San Diego, along with some colored glass beads from Michaels, to create a mosaic on a porch step.

Monday Moment: a small balcony FULL of color

>I am not mad at how much color Offbeat Homie Kristin squeezed into her small balcony. And it was all achieved with a rainbow of planters and paper lantern string lights!