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What are some good scent combinations for homemade toiletries?

I’m making homemade toiletries for everyone on my gift-list this year. I’d love to make my own scents without having to buy expensive essential oils, just using the herbs and other yummy stuff around my house. I’d love to know about some good and useful scent combinations.

Save your coffee cans to make a hanging herb garden

Check out Offbeat Homie Christie’s “balcony herb garden,” which is a fancy way of saying coffee cans, hung with zip ties. When asked how this DIY herb garden performed in coffee cans she explained…

Where can I get my hands on some comfrey?

I’ve been wanting to plant comfrey for a couple years now but can’t seem to find it commercially. Even found hint that it might be banned (?).

Anyone have more advice for me on this or how I can get some comfrey for my garden?

How many different ways can you use sage?

Who knows a good use for fresh sage? The reason I ask is that it is the PERMA-plant that will not die. Every other herb I planted last spring has long since given up the ghost and the sage is still GOING STRONG! Need some crowdsourcing on this one!

Hang your herb garden in front of your window

I’m fluctuating between giddy and jealous over this amazing hanging herb garden submitted to our Flickr pool by Homie Pennyhaslop. I’m giddy because I’m stoked to share it with you. But I’m jealous because I WANT ONE!

How to make your own swirly whirly spiral herb garden

Almost anyone can have an herb garden, but how many people have an herb SPIRAL! This new hotness comes to us from Jeamac who built it herself. And here’s how she pulled it off.

Don’t let your garden go to waste! Here’s how to dry your herbs for money-saving eating all winter long

If you’ve been growing herbs ’round your place, now’s a really good time to start drying them so you’ll have fresher herbs all winter long. Save them now, before their herby oils begin leeching out (though if you dawdle for a few weeks, you’ll be okay too — as long as you get to them before frost hits.) When dried or frozen correctly, you’ll have herbs for a very long time — to use for cooking, tinctures, or magickal rites. It is so, so easy — this is what I did to save my herbs: cilantro, sage, oregano, chives, and more.

Container gardening for the space-impaired — it’s so simple, you’ll cry over your first tomato

Grow your own food this summer — even if you don’t have a backyard to till up. With even the smallest well-lit space you can use this post as a jumping-off point and garden LIKE A BOSS.