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Chocolate dipped nasturtiums

Years ago, as a child, my mother and I grew nasturtiums and dipped the blossoms in chocolate. I didn’t enjoy it much back then, as I didn’t like the taste of them (tart, almost radish-y). But as an adult, I’m loving them.

Save your coffee cans to make a hanging herb garden

Check out Offbeat Homie Christie’s “balcony herb garden,” which is a fancy way of saying coffee cans, hung with zip ties. When asked how this DIY herb garden performed in coffee cans she explained…

Container gardening, what works?

I have been poking around and growing sweet potatoes in containers looks to be easy enough. So, I would like to do a potato box, too. But should we put that on our deck? or would the cement patio be better? What else grows well in containers? (In the Northern Mid-west?) I know we can’t put anything out until near the end of May, but when should we start the sweet potatoes? Or… you know… any other suggestions?

Hang your herb garden in front of your window

I’m fluctuating between giddy and jealous over this amazing hanging herb garden submitted to our Flickr pool by Homie Pennyhaslop. I’m giddy because I’m stoked to share it with you. But I’m jealous because I WANT ONE!

7 tips for how to grow gargantuan basil plants

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking homemade mozzarella and I mentioned my gigantic basil plants. Basically they’re growing so large that they will consume my house. Here are the tips I know for growing mad basil.

66 things you can grow in a container

Organic Gardens Network put together a primo list of four dozen things YOU! can grow in a container. Given that you’ve got enough light, you can probably grow much more than you’ve thought of!

My favorite surprises: tree fruit! Hops! Herbal tea! Melons! And even a loofah.

8 hard truths about city gardening for newbies

I’m gonna give y’all some city vegetable gardening tips that might help you save some cash and beef up your summer dinner menu at the same time. You see what I did there? Food pun!
Let’s look at some truths.

Windowfarm: how I built a self-watering vertical garden

I’m using my big windows to power a hydroponic garden I hacked together with plastic bottles and a few supplies from Amazon. It is automated, and takes care of the hard stuff for me.