Built-in bunk beds with clever built-in storage

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Photos by Lala.
Photos by Lala.

Longtime readers may know about my mom — we call her Lala. She’s taught you how to make hemp lamps, we’ve been inspired (and Empire workers have even enjoyed) her carbana, and we all toured her glittery Maui home. But Lala has another home, that she and my father share, in Texas. Unlike Maui, their Texas house was built with their grandkids in mind.

The biggest grandkid draw (and, if I’m being honest, I love it too!) is their room with the built-in bunk beds with awesome storage surprises.

bunk bed with storage and cubby

As Lala explained…

Each bed has its own light and shelves with their own outlets.

shelf and crawlspace between the beds

I didn’t want a partition between the beds, I kept it open so the kids could all just hang out together. Instead we did the “crawl” space between the lower bunks and added shelves on the inside. Then we just put a platform between the beds on the top of the rails.

bunk bed cubby

lalas built in bunk beds

Who else has some clever bunk bed ideas? From clever storage to closet usage… how do you rock your bunks?

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  1. That is amaaaazing! As a kid, visiting my grandparents was always a special adventure, and they just had normal beds. This takes grandparenting to the next level . . . that pun was initially unintended.

  2. I swear you must mind read. We recently bought an old house that needs a lot of work. I had been researching clever ways to fit my twins into a small room. Built in bunk beds with storage to the rescue!

  3. Hi, I’m Alissa, I’m 34 years old – which I supposedly means “grown up” – and I STILL want bunkbeds in my life. These are just fantastic! Does Lala need any honorary grandkids?

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