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6 of our favorite organization tools you can buy online

We rounded up a few of our favorite new ways to organize all our stuff, and it can all be purchased online. From headphone hangers (get them off the floor!) to tiny space savers all around your house, these organizational wonders get the job done.

You can totally own a retro '90s Caboodles makeup case again

You can totally own a retro ’90s Caboodles makeup case again

If you were collecting makeup (or crafting supplies, art supplies, various junk!), you probably had a Caboodles makeup case sitting in your room in some shade of retro pastel fabulousness. Vintage versions have been available at places like eBay, Etsy, and vintage shops for ages, but now they’re available in new versions! Commence squeeing!

Coffee bean storage containers with style

Do you need to find a way to store coffee beans so that they don’t go bad before you can consume them, but also you want your coffee storage to be visually appealing too? Me too! Enjoy enjoy the fruits of my coffee bean storage container search. Here were some of my favorite finds…

What are your tea storage tricks to avoid the tea package avalanche?

Greetings Homies, I need your help. I love tea. Bagged, loose, iced and got but my cabinet looks like this. What a mess! And it topples everywhere anytime I need my fix. How do you store your tea in a fun and practical way that isn’t a hodge lodge of boxes, bags and allergy meds?

Built-in bunk beds with clever built-in storage

Longtime readers may know about my mom — we call her Lala. She’s kind of a genius when it comes to bunk bed plans…

5 jewelry storage options that you already have in your home

I registered for this coral candle holder, thinking that eventually it would make a great dining room centerpiece. BUT, for the last seven years, we’ve been dining room table-less. Now it’s my jewelry tree! This isn’t my only re-purposed home item-as-jewelry holder. From dining room centerpieces to dragons (of course, it’s me!), check out my all my jewelry storage hacks…

Going old school with my recipe book boosted my cooking confidence

What do I do with new recipes that I dig and want to save for later? At first there were just a few, printed out or ripped from a magazine, and shoved unceremoniously beside the cook books. But I became bolder, and the stack became less practical. Then I had a basket-free “baskets!” moment.

More cosplay storage insights from the “IKEA cosplay bedroom makeover”

Remember when we collectively freaked out over the IKEA cosplay storage video? Guess what popped up in my inbox? An email from Frank Koh — the IKEA cosplay guy himself! He was nice enough to include a bunch of photos, so for those of you who (like me) wanted to see more details on the storage solutions, here we go…