Quench your thirst for non-alcoholic mocktail recipes

Updated Oct 12 2015
Lemon blueberry mocktail from Bijoux & Bits.
Lemon blueberry mocktail from Bijoux & Bits.

Are you in the recovery community? Or are you preggers? Or maybe you just no likey-drinkies? Or maybe you're having a party where you want to give your non-drinking guests some amazing concoctions?

Over on our sister site Offbeat Bride, we've featured some drool-worthy recipes to inspire your DIY bar, signature drinks, or to suggest to your bar service. Grab a non-alcoholic beverage and check 'em out!

  1. I'm in the pregnant category, due this summer and I've been missing my cocktails. You couldn't have posted this months ago!? All well, at least I can pick up some ingredients on the way home and enjoy them this weekend.

  2. Don't forget about virgin strawberry daiquiris!

    Frozen Strawberries, Vanilla Ice Cream, Frozen pink lemonade, and Ice. Blend it all up and you have a refreshing, delicious frozen beverage.

    The best part of these is that making them virgin doesn't lose anything in the flavor. And if you did want the alcoholic kind, you just add in some rum before you blend.

  3. Thank you for that! I'm in the "no-likey" category, but how I love a good mocktail, especially original recipes like these.

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