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Built-in bunk beds with clever built-in storage

Longtime readers may know about my mom — we call her Lala. She’s kind of a genius when it comes to bunk bed plans…

Why we put our kids’ bunk bed in the closet

When we moved in to our home, our daughter’s bedroom was a bit of a layout conundrum since we had to work around two closets, a doorway, a window, and a baseboard electric heater PLUS a low ceiling. Then we decided to move the bunk bed into the closet…

From Ye Olde Shack to luxurious Bohemian Bed Den

Remember when Naomi asked for your help in re-decorating her boring ‘ol bed nook? You’d hardly recognize it now! Homies, you give some good advice. Check out what you inspired…

Help us make our bed nook look less “Old European shack”

y manfriend and I recently downsized our bedroom. We moved our office area into our bedroom and moved our bed ( nothing else) into where the office used to be. The Bed takes up most of the room (we can’t fit anything else in it)… it’s more like a bednook really.

Now I need ways to make the room look more like a cozy sleeping space and less of a solitary confinement room. I’ve draped a scarf on the wall to make a “headboard” (it’s just a mattress on the floor) but now it’s got this “Old European shack in the middle of winter feel” to it.

Scandalize your cat by using a fireplace as a headboard

If you have a fireplace you don’t use or happen to salvage a fireplace mantle, you can totally re-purpose it as a headboard! Flickr user Jennifer is utilizing the awesome molding (and perfect width) of her salvaged fireplace as a headboard for her charming-as-hell bed.

Create a bed alcove with vertical blinds

Please allow us to all to bask in this concept from French site It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first: bed alcove + vertical blinds = brilliant studio apartment space-division hack. Since living in Los Angeles a decade ago, I’ve had this grudge against vertical blinds (UG! The way they clack-clack-clack when a breeze comes through the window!), but this makes me reconsider. How else could vertical blinds be used to divide smalls spaces?