Our experience living in and restoring a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome

We live in a three bedroom, two bath, two-story dome with four foot riser walls on the central Oregon coast. Built in 1981, we are about two city blocks from the beach and elevated 151 feet above sea level tucked into the trees with ocean views on two sides among conventional houses. If you want to purchase a dome, the most important thing to consider is the QUALITY of the initial build. Don't go cheap and buy someone else's problem. If the owners are having leaking windows and roofing, you will, too. Here's our take on renovating and living in a Buckminster Fuller geodesic home.


Merlin's pants! This incredible Harry Potter decor wins the House Cup

Sometimes I have dreams of recreating Hogwarts in my own home and finally get that admissions owl I somehow missed at age eleven. Then you see what Jasper Price and his wife Angie have done to recreate the Hogwarts common room and realize that you're out of your quidditch league. They've amassed the most mystical of Harry Potter decor collections (Mrs. Norris lookalike included!) and turned their home into the wizarding world of our dizziest daydreams.


Let's all move into this magical Hogwarts house for sale in Minnesota

If you're in the market for a $3 million home that's part Weasley house, part Hogwarts common room, part ancient old schoolroom, and part house elf kitchen, have I found the house for you. This Minnesotan Hogwarts house for sale is the gothic-inspired fantasy home we'd all sell our wands for. I just know my owl is waiting at the mailbox! I want to start hosting meetings of Dumbledore's Army here stat…


This historical Dutch spooky house for sale is straight out of our haunted dreams

There is a six bedroom home in the Netherlands that reader Noor called out to me recently that BLEW MY MIND. It's the spooky house of my dreams. Located in Huissenn Netherlands is priced at €350,000 ($431,207 or £305,699) and is chock full of historical details and is dubbed "Het Spookhuis" (The haunted house!). They even mention ghost stories in the listing. Just wait until you see the old timey bar, creepy attic, halls full of caskets(!), and mini theater covered in newsprint wallpaper. It's spectacular…