ADHD gifts: Stimulating gift ideas for adults with ADHD

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ADHD gifts: 7 fantastic gifts for adults with adhd
The perfect card go with your ADHD gift from Etsy seller DeadGoodDoodles

Hi, and welcome to another one of Offbeat Home’s Very Specific Gift Guides! This time we’re exploring the best ADHD gifts. More specifically: gifts for adults with with ADHD. Even more specifically: the things that I’m obsessed with and can’t function without.

Fidget rings

Spinner ring: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home
Hand-Stamped Personalized Spinner Ring
spinner ring: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home
Super-thin interlocking rings — I have one of these and it’s my favorite fidget.

I have two thin gold rings on my thumb that I mess about with constantly. It’s like having a fidget toy on me at all times. They’re both pretty AND calming, and Etsy has a lot of options. And if you want to do a personalized version, Uncommon Goods has you covered.

Those popper thingies

Poppers: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home

I know what you’re thinking BUT… I got one of these popper thingies thinking that it would entertain my kid during a road trip. And it did… for about 20 seconds. Guess who is endlessly playing with it now? Yeah, it’s now MINE. And I’ve bought extras to keep around the house because it’s better to play with these then mindlessly pick at my skin, or my nails, etc.

Smart Home Displays

Smart home displays: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home

I mean, a personal assistant would really be the best, but that gets a little pricey. So a Smart Home Display, like a Google Nest or an Amazon Echo can be amazing for people like me. From setting reminders to take meds, to being able to shout out something you just remembered to add to the grocery list, to seeing a calendar reminder of upcoming events every time you walk by it — it’s the second best thing to a personal assistant.

A massage or a float session

Float tank: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home

Our brains don’t like to take breaks, and it can get exhausting. Forcing us to take a moment to chill, and de-stress while we let our brain run wild is a necessity. I like massages and now float sessions for that. I get to have something actively telling my body to just relax, while I can let my brain do its thing.

Gift certificate to their favorite clothing store

favorite clothes: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home
Athleta is life

Shopping for clothes at a store I’m unfamiliar with makes me all kinds of overwhelmed. And I wear the same things over and over so I don’t have to add “pick out an outfit” to the list of things I need to do. Which means my closet consists of nothing but Athleta (for everyday wear) and clothes from Nordstrom’s (for everything else because they have a free “personal stylist” for an hour that just shops for you!). Find out what your favorite neurodiverse person likes to wear and keep them hooked up.

Monthly subscription boxes

Anything automated is a win, so that we don’t have to think about shopping for it:


AIrtags: ADHD gifts on Offbeat Home

Maybe it’s keys, maybe it’s a wallet, maybe it’s a bag, whatever it is your friend is probably constantly searching for something they keep misplacing. Airtags have been a perfect way for me to find my keys. And when I find out how to attach one to coffee mugs, my life will be complete.


White Seagrass Adira Basket With Lid

If you’ve never heard of “doom piles” I’m jealous of your organizational skills. The only way I can deal with my doom piles is to throw them into baskets. And voila: Now they’re decorative doom piles. My favorite baskets usually come from World Market. (Bonus points if they have lids to hide my shame.)

Any other awesome ADHD gifts that I missed? Let me know!

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