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12 special floral couches to inspire your living room design

I was thrilled to find a small vintage floral couch on Craigslist that the family was basically giving away. It probably shouted “my moms couch from the 80s” to some, but to me she screamed “design your living room around me!” In honor of that couch, here are a few “inspirational seating options” that I found on Chairish (my favorite place to find vintage home decor) that could easily inspire your next living room design…

I found the best big electric fireplaces for large spaces

There are so many adorable and fashionable small electric fireplaces, but finding the right big electric fireplace has been almost impossible! And while it’s actually pretty easy to search for an electric fireplace by width on any site, you can only shop by height on Wayfair. So since I have been doing all this research (and finally found what I was looking for!) I thought I’d share my findings in case you too are thinking about getting an electric fireplace for a larger space…

The cutest Blythe doll-inspired living room you’ll ever see

I know some of y’all are Blythe doll fans, so when we found Janie’s photo of her Blythe-y throw pillows and leafy wallpaper, I knew we needed to know more about this room and all the things in it…

Easy DIY coffee table from wine crates

Remember when I introduced you to using wine crates as shelves? Well here’s my even-more-favorite way to re-use wine crates: as a freaking coffee table! The best part about a wine crate coffee table…

Awesome coffee tables made from two large wooden blocks

Using leftover wood block samples from my office and custom hairpin legs from Etsy I made these two small tables, which together are my new coffee table. Here’s how the DIY project went down…

Mini-fridges that’ll look awesome in your living room

My husband wants to get a mini-fridge for our beer collection. Problem is, it would need to be in our living room. Help me find some stylish mini-fridge options that I won’t hate looking at everyday?

My Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter rainbow living room

What I like best about my living room is that it is MINE. No one else I know has a Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter rainbow living room! Here’s how I turned my boring living space into a family-friendly living room straight out of a nerd’s fever dream.

Adventures in couchless living

I was sitting at work today thinking about how I need to get rid of my not-so-old and very busted futon because it’s so damn uncomfortable, but also knowing this wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon because we don’t the have money to buy a replacement sofa. And then a “crazy” idea occurred to me. Why do we need a couch at all?