living room

The cutest Blythe doll-inspired living room you’ll ever see

I know some of y’all are Blythe doll fans, so when we found Janie’s photo of her Blythe-y throw pillows and leafy wallpaper, I knew we needed to know more about this room and all the things in it…

Easy DIY coffee table from wine crates

Remember when I introduced you to using wine crates as shelves? Well here’s my even-more-favorite way to re-use wine crates: as a freaking coffee table! The best part about a wine crate coffee table…

Awesome coffee tables made from two large wooden blocks

Using leftover wood block samples from my office and custom hairpin legs from Etsy I made these two small tables, which together are my new coffee table. Here’s how the DIY project went down…

Mini-fridges that’ll look awesome in your living room

My husband wants to get a mini-fridge for our beer collection. Problem is, it would need to be in our living room. Help me find some stylish mini-fridge options that I won’t hate looking at everyday?

My Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter rainbow living room

What I like best about my living room is that it is MINE. No one else I know has a Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter rainbow living room! Here’s how I turned my boring living space into a family-friendly living room straight out of a nerd’s fever dream.

Adventures in couchless living

I was sitting at work today thinking about how I need to get rid of my not-so-old and very busted futon because it’s so damn uncomfortable, but also knowing this wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon because we don’t the have money to buy a replacement sofa. And then a “crazy” idea occurred to me. Why do we need a couch at all?

Ottoman makeover from old and busted to new colorful hotness

Friend of the Empire, Joriel recently shared with us her awesome ottoman/toybox makeover. The top part of the ottoman bore the brunt of the problems. So she reupholstered the top and used fabric paint on the bottom.

Monday Moment: the bright green piano version

Holy crap, check out andibob909’s refinished bright-as-fuck green piano in the living room! More than just the gorgeous, eye-catching upright piano, I love this whole living room set up…