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I found the best big electric fireplaces for large spaces

There are so many adorable and fashionable small electric fireplaces, but finding the right big electric fireplace has been almost impossible! And while it’s actually pretty easy to search for an electric fireplace by width on any site, you can only shop by height on Wayfair. So since I have been doing all this research (and finally found what I was looking for!) I thought I’d share my findings in case you too are thinking about getting an electric fireplace for a larger space…

I made a fashionable and FREE bat-proof fireplace cover

Do you ever have an idea so great that you can’t even handle yourself until you make it happen? This bat-proof fireplace cover was one of those ideas for me…

Let’s tour this funky LA house with the rainbow fireplace

Surprisingly there is no mention of the RAINBOW FIREPLACE in this real estate listing! If you were to ask me, I’d totally describe this place as “the LA funky house with the rainbow fireplace.” And the outside doesn’t even hold a candle to the amazingness contained within…

Why I can’t help falling in love with the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs

One of my favorite “let’s play pretend” real estate finds so far: The Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs. It is a treasure trove of vintage realness that you’ve come to expect from my tastes, and over-the-top-ness that you all know and love from Elvis’ tastes.

How many ways can you re-function a non-functional fireplace?

After reading the post “my dog sleeps in the fireplace” I realized that there are probably TONS of different uses for non-functional fireplaces. I would LOVE to hear suggestions on what to do/how to decorate our non-functional fireplaces!

My dog sleeps in a fireplace: Turn your unused fireplace into a doggy alcove

For two years our dog slept in a pen at the foot of our bed. I finally got tired of dealing with the whole collapsible pen thing, and started eyeing the un-used, non-functional bedroom fireplace in a new light…

How to make an affordable, condo-friendly fireplace: no chimney needed!

“Bryan S” turned a SEI’s wall-mounted, gel fuel fireplace into a realistic fireplace, hearth and all, PERFECT for condos or even rentals.

Here’s how he pulled it off, according to the photos and notes he uploaded to this Amazon listing…

Turn your fireplace into a light show with rainbow fire crystals

Add some rainbow to your fireplace with Rainbow Flame Crystals. Ooh, or how could would this rainbow light show be for your outdoor fire pit!? Just sprinkle these crystals on your fire place, wood stoves or campfires — the colored flames last for about 10 to 40 minutes.