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I found the best big electric fireplaces for large spaces

There are so many adorable and fashionable small electric fireplaces, but finding the right big electric fireplace has been almost impossible! And while it’s actually pretty easy to search for an electric fireplace by width on any site, you can only shop by height on Wayfair. So since I have been doing all this research (and finally found what I was looking for!) I thought I’d share my findings in case you too are thinking about getting an electric fireplace for a larger space…

How to use ribbons to keep your snake pit of electronic wires in check

I can’t be the only one who’s taken a look in the electronics drawer and thought “what belongs to what?” Wires tangle easily and all look much the same. The wire that recharges my cell phone looks awfully similar to the wire that recharges my mp3 player… and so on. Fortunately I have come up with a system for keeping the snake pit of wires in my drawer and under my desk in check.

Is it possible to keep cats from chewing cords?

We have a pair of one year old, neutered, male kittens. They are amazing cats — friendly, cuddly, and affectionate. They’re practically perfect except for one giant problem: They chew cords. Any suggestions on how to break our cats of this cord chewing habit once and for all?

Stop cheating your electric: How to safely replace a 2-prong outlet

Today we’re going to talk about power outlets, grounding, and how you can safely plug things into an old 2-prong outlet by replacing it with a GFCI or “ground fault circuit interrupter” receptacle. Doing electrical work can be intimidating, but if you follow the directions and use common sense this one is actually pretty easy.

Design concept: the Rambler Socket would let you store your extension cords in the walls of your home

HOLY MOLY am I in love with this: the Rambler Socket from designer Meysam Movahedi has 1.5 meters (almost 5 feet) of extension cord that can be stored inside your wall. When you need to use it for something like drying your hair or vacuuming across the room, you just open it up and plug in — and when you’re finished, back in the wall the cord goes!

Charging gadgets without the snake-pits: DIY charging stations

Are you with me in the loathing of the tangle of cords that makes up the contemporary charging station? Let’s doodle together and see some sweet-ass DIY options for how you can make a charging station that doesn’t look like a pit of cord snakes tangled into blood-thirsty coils, waiting to strike when you reach for your smartphone.

3 methods to help you survive involuntarily Living Apart Together

My partner moved out three months ago. Hers how we’re using a subscription service, an iPhone app, and The AvengersHawkeye to cope.

Never lose an iPhone charging brick again

So many new electronics charge via USB cable — remotes! Phones! Gadgets! Combine all your charging stations into one simple place with this hardware upgrade.