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Living room design inspired by a vintage floral couch
Chair and floor lamp from World Market. Coffee table from Wayfair. Side table and plant from Canadian Tire. Table lamp and footstool from Ikea. I replaced that temp rug with this one.

After temporarily moving to Vancouver for my husband’s job, I found myself with 14 days (the length of our quarantine) to find a place to live AND find all our furniture. So I was thrilled to find this vintage floral couch on Craigslist that the family was basically giving away. It probably shouted “my moms couch from the 80s” to some, but to me she screamed “design your living room around me!”

Based on the couch fabric, I decided to decorate with blacks, creams and hints of green. And because I love the Organic Modern aesthetic, I mixed in some earthy elements as well…

Btw, that electric fireplace from the ’80s is literally one of my favorite things that I’ve ever purchased. I’m so sad that I couldn’t somehow figure out how to bring it home. (But don’t worry she’s living with a friend in Vancouver.)

Inspirational vintage floral couches for YOU:

In honor of that little couch, here are a few “inspirational seating options” that I found on Chairish (my favorite place to find vintage home decor) that could easily inspire your next living room design…

W J Sloane Spring Floral Poppy Iris & Daffodil Curved 3-Piece Sofa Sectional — I’d die to see the living room that this guy inspires.
Vintage 1970s Rattan 3 Seat Sofa — I want this one!
Vintage Blue Loveseat With Raised Floral Pattern — I see this surrounded by lovely creams and whites with pops of blue.
Ink Splatter Mid Century Loveseat — Okay it’s not floral, but it’s splatter paint and it’s incredible.
Vintage Mid Century Floral Loveseat — Omg, so many amazing accent colors to pull from this one!
Vintage Floral & Rattan Loveseat Sofa — No wait, I want this one. This guy is PERFECT for “’80s meets Organic Modern.”
Mid Century Floral Sectional — I love a sofa with a built-in table. I can see this inspiring an incredible Spanish-style living room. (Also you won’t believe the price.)
1980s Mid-Century Flair Collection Hexagonal Sofa by Bernhardt — I love the shape as well as the fabric.
1930s Vintage Floral Settee — This one is SEXY (especially when it’s only $300).
1970s Mid-Century Floral Modular Sectional — Holy chat, this is an incredible piece and I’d kill to have the right space for it.
Rattan & Bamboo Upholstered Sofa — STFU, this one is amazing! Does anyone reading this live in Darien, CT? Because you have to snag this gorgeous lady.
Mah Jong Sectional Sofa by Hans Hopfer for Roche Bobois — Just for fun I’m going to end it with this one because you should click through to see all the ways you can arrange it, and also because it’s “only” $12,000.

I’m telling you, floral couches are my new obsession. If you’re looking for some design inspiration for your living room, head over to Chairish and go crazy vintage floral couch hunting for yourself!

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  1. It’s fun to watch you ping through the decades! When last I left you, it was “mid-century neutrals”.
    I’m glad somebody is showing these oldies some love, even if I can’t join you on the “flowered sofa” page.

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