This tipi on a raft in a lake in Australia is the most interesting home I’ve seen this year

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Photos by John Griffiths. Used with permission.

University of Canberra student Will Woodbridge has been staying on this tipi-endowed raft on Australia’s Lake Ginninderra for the last eight weeks.

Part performance art, part alternative living solution, Will’s tiny floating home has withstood storms and earned an endorsement from local Aboriginal leaders who say he is welcome to stay on the lake as long as he likes, despite local government’s insistence that his household is against the law.

Woodbridge moved to the lake from his campus accommodations to protest high rent and a low supply of affordable housing in Canberra. This is a pretty ingenious, self-contained solution to what is becoming a growing problem around the world. Will didn’t like his housing options, so he made his own. GO, WILL!

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Comments on This tipi on a raft in a lake in Australia is the most interesting home I’ve seen this year

  1. Weird. As a child I used to dream about living in this EXACT situation. Feel like a strange sense of deja vu in seeing this. Anyway, COOL!!!!

  2. when i saw the title via facebook, i thought, “that’s a bit weird” but it actually looks very relaxing… i do hope he sorts something more permenant out soon though, cuz it’s going to get very cold in canberra in a few weeks….

  3. Reminds me of the Kon-Tiki! (which, incidentally, would probably be an awesome book recommendation to anyone here – it made me want to live differently! I guess the book’s name is actually ‘The Kon-Tiki Expedition: By Raft Across the South Seas’)

  4. He is going to freeze during winter in Canberra. But as someone who lives in university housing I pay a ridiculous amount so I say good on you…

  5. I think you might be thinking of “The Ra Expedition” by Thor Hyerdahl?

    And Tipi’s can be pretty warm, all he would need in there would be a small gas/kero heater type thing. It would put his cost of living up a bit though!

    • Definitely the Kon-Tiki Expedition. I had never hear dof the Ra Expedition by him, until now. Apparently, “In the Kon Tiki he set out to prove how the Pacific Islands had been originally populated. He succeeded. For Ra, he constructed a craft of local papyrus reeds and set out to show how ancient Egyptians reached the Americas thousands of years before Columbus. He succeeded again.” This guy is awesome. I suggest reading everything! 🙂

  6. A tipi can get extremely toasty if you double layer it- wrap on the outside of the posts and a wrap on the inside. We used to stay in some with the Girl Scouts when I was small. And I live in the mountains in California, so it can get pretty cold!

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