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Family of four moves onto boat to find path again

When my husband and I met ten years ago on Orcas Island, we would spend a considerable amount of time dreaming of living alternatively. The thought of a house in a neighborhood bored us to tears. We wanted different, we wanted a little hardship in our living, and we wanted to physically work for what we had. The standard American way of living never looked that lovely to us. And then one day it all became clear. This little family of four + one old lab needed a boat.

Ever thought about what it’d be like to live on a boat?

Over on Offbeat Mama, Korum Bischoff, a father and drummer who lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, is giving us all an in-depth look at what it was like for him to grow up and live on a boat.

Bex and Paul’s cozy boat moored in the countryside

I’d never stayed over night on a boat before I bought one to live on. I’d lived in a caravan and a garage for a bit so I thought that was enough — and I was right. This is our home: a narrowboat on England’s canals.

Hang a pull-down wire basket for extra storage in a small bedroom

Got a tiny space? This little AirBNB room on a New Jersey ferry has the right idea: A pulley-based system for holding and releasing a wire basket hanging over the bed. It really improves the storage area in the room, since there’s no room for a side table in this suite.

This tipi on a raft in a lake in Australia is the most interesting home I’ve seen this year

When you can’t afford housing where you need it, what do you do? If you’re like Will Woodbridge, Australian university student, you build yourself a raft on a nearby lake and take up residence there.

I won the battle to grow my own food — even though I live on a boat

I’ve always loved food: I was taught to bake from a young age and can whip up a mean Sunday roast or Victoria sponge. I come from a farming family so I’ve always felt aware of where food comes from.

Unfortunately, living on a boat makes growing my own a difficult task — but we’ve finally found a solution.