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Let’s talk about living in a tipi year-round

I’m really interested in buying a tipi that you can live in year-round. I found some great manufacturing websites but the only thing is they all say the same thing, i.e.: yes it’s great to live in year round, it’s so romantic with the open fire etc., etc.

I would love to hear from real people who live in a Tipi year round (in particular, places with cold winters ala Canada) and find out the disadvantages as well as the advantages.

This tipi on a raft in a lake in Australia is the most interesting home I’ve seen this year

When you can’t afford housing where you need it, what do you do? If you’re like Will Woodbridge, Australian university student, you build yourself a raft on a nearby lake and take up residence there.

A hot pink tipi and a suave cat in our reader photos

See these photos and more in our weekly roundup. And: what’s a hot air balloon festival look like? In the links, you’ll find Batman-inspired furniture, a link to a wooden car, and an incredi-geek key rack.