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This weirdly designed Indiana home will make you say “I can’t even…”

Usually I feature offbeat real estate listings that I’m in love with. Today is… not that. Curbed featured an article with the brilliant title of “Absolutely Everything Is Wrong With This Indiana House.” And they weren’t wrong. This is the home that WTF built…

What the hell are the financing options for non-traditional homes?

We’d convert the top floor into a swinging loft where we’d reside, and the bottom level would be studio and manufacturing space for my husband’s freelance art business, possibly with a storefront gallery. Yet, we’re having a terrible time finding funding for such a building. Why is it so difficult for banks to catch up to current trends, and be willing to fund live-work scenarios? What financing options are out there for people like us who aren’t at home in a “normal” home?

The Doll House tour: You must see (and maybe move into?) this manic pixie dream home

The moment I saw this video pop up on Facebook feed, I thought “the Homies must needs see this!!!” This tour is of a home called “The Doll House” in Hollywood. And yes, it’s wholly appropriately named.

Family of four moves onto boat to find path again

When my husband and I met ten years ago on Orcas Island, we would spend a considerable amount of time dreaming of living alternatively. The thought of a house in a neighborhood bored us to tears. We wanted different, we wanted a little hardship in our living, and we wanted to physically work for what we had. The standard American way of living never looked that lovely to us. And then one day it all became clear. This little family of four + one old lab needed a boat.

Wright-designed adobe home with interior canal

Offbeat Homie Colleen passed along a link to this awesome home in Santa Fe, New Mexico known as the “Pottery House.” It’s apparently the ONLY adobe structure ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it’s for sale for a measly $4,750,000. Let’s check it out, shall we?

This five-story castle in New England is stuck in the 1980s

When you think of castles you think “built in the ’80s” right? You will now, when you explore this New England castle that looks like it came out of a David Lynch film.

Meet Eliza Brownhome: a 1974 Bluebird school bus that houses a family of five

This summer, after six months of preparation including writing a detailed lease, we moved our family of five back into Eliza Brownhome, our 40′ Bluebird school bus. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how we can fit a family of five into 300 square feet, so I thought it’d be nice to give a tour. I am pleased to introduce Eliza Brownhome, our beloved 1974 Bluebird schoolbus.

Vintage circular home in Illinois

We’ve seen geodesic domes, yurts, and yomes on Offbeat Home, but I think this is our first circular home. This house has been contemporarily restored on the inside, but it still has the unique distinction of being built completely around a pool with a retractable roof. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. See for yourself…