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The most bad-ass, not-cheesy Halloween decor you’ll see all season

I re-shared this photo with the coolest studded pumpkin EVAR! And one of you guys informed me: Um, hello Megan, that’s also from Target.

OF COURSE IT IS! And you know what else? Target has some of the most bad-ass, not cheesy Halloween decor right now. Check this shit out…

Who wants flowers when you could give zombie portraits, boozy candy, and trophies?

Want to get that someone special… something special… something a little more curious? Here are three options that go way beyond “flowers and chocolate”…

The solar-powered zombie lawn lantern is a thing, and it’s awesome

You know we loves us some badass lawn ornaments — trippy lawn ornaments, dragon mailboxes, and barfing gutter gargoyels. This time I’ve found the goriest, scariest way to light your lawn — the “Dead Rising” Zombie Solar-Powered Garden Light, of course!

How to cross stitch custom designs sans computer

I bet I’m not the only Offbeat Homie who loves needlecraft with a passion that borders on the obsessive! Now you too can read all about my crazy methods for creating custom cross stitch designs without using cross stitch computer software.

Host a “create your own zombie” party with this kit

Fuck carving pumpkins, this year it’s all about making your own zombies for Halloween! Ooh, or maybe you could host a “make your own zombie” party a la the make your own moster party? Either way this just seems all kinds of undead…

Throw weekly TV dates: Sundays = zombies, friends, and food

Every Sunday night, six close friends all get together to watch “The Walking Dead” TV series. We’ve done it for all the past seasons as well. The basic plan is simple…

Neatorama to make your home way more fun-orama

It started with this tentacle doorstop. It made the rounds on the interwebs a little while ago and of COURSE I flagged it for my Homies. But then I decided to explore what ELSE Neatorama had to offer for the Home. And I was pleasantly surprised.

There’s stuff for nerds, goths, nature-lovers, and the zombie-obsessed. Here are just a few of my favorite Neatorama home goodies.

Zombie cross stitch kits!

And you thought cross stitch was for little old ladies, stitching BORING samplers and twee “kiss the cook” and “bless this house” patterns. Well, you were wrong. It’s called the Zombie cross-stitch kit, and Mich is showing you how it’s done.