Who wants flowers when you could give zombie portraits, boozy candy, and trophies?

Guest post by Ms. Ar'ite

valentine_trophy wine zombie

Want to get that someone special… something really special? Perhaps something a little more curious for Valentine’s Day?

Here are three options (two that you can DIY) that go way beyond “flowers and chocolate”…

1. “Undying” Love — The zombie portrait

valentine zombie

What better way to prove your undying love than commissioning zombie portraits of you and your loved one! We love artist Craig Stephens! He’ll zombify you or your loved one in a 5×7 portrait for just $25!

2. Be Wine Valentine? — boozy candy

be wine valentine

Fruit snacks for GROWN-UPS! Try making these clever boozy gummy candies from wine — now you can wine AND dine your sweetie at the same time. Check out a great wine gummy recipe here!

3. For The Trophy Partner

trophy wife valentine

Flowers are nice… but a trophy lasts forever! Let your special someone know they’re a keeper by making them a personalized award for being frickin’ awesome. Check out the tutorial here!

Are you giving treats to your friends and loved ones this year? Anyone have even more “curious” ideas for the giving?

Comments on Who wants flowers when you could give zombie portraits, boozy candy, and trophies?

  1. I gave out Whovian cards to all of my friends that share fandoms with me. Nothing says “you’re a special person” than a picture of a Weeping Angel saying “I Can’t My Eyes Off You,” though the one with Amy & Rory falling and the “Falling For You” caption brought up some feels for a few of us.

    Top pick, though, was the Daleks that said “INFATUATE! INFATUATE!” I dare to not say that in your head every time you see excessive PDA in the future.

  2. I’ve come across various amusingly nerdy Valentine’s day cards recently… there are these ones from DFTBA records (which probably mostly appeal to fans of John and Hank Green, a.k.a. the Vlogbrothers on YouTube), and then there’s a tutorial on YouTube for a “we finish each other’s… sandwiches!” card.

    I don’t generally do much for Valentine’s day, though. I think this year, my husband and I will make our favourite curry for dinner, and maybe get out the nice dishes. Sometimes, simple is good. 🙂

  3. I LOVE the trophy idea.
    This is the first year…ever?…that my sappy feelings have coincided with VD. (That’s Valentine’s Day, not Venereal Disease, for those of you keeping track at home.) It allllmost makes me want to celebrate it since the emotions are actually lining up with the “holiday.” Maybe I’ll make a trophy out of chocolate for the husband.

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