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Use the Map of the Dead to stay alive

Hopefully the internet will keep working when the zombiepocalypse comes to our door, so we can use new app Map of the Dead as a quick way to ID high-population danger zones, liquor stores, outdoor stores, and more.

Always be prepared: How much water do I need to keep on hand in case of emergency?

If disaster strikes tonight, if Godzilla comes down your street, crushing the pavement, ripping up water lines and making travel difficult, will you be prepared? Part of running a household means making contingency plans. How will you stay safe and healthy in case of natural disaster, monster infestation, disease outbreak, service interruption, alien invasion, civil unrest, or war?

Zombiepocalypse Easter basket full of prepping supplies (and candy!)

Do you know how fun it is to prepare for the end of the world, zombie-style? It’s my new favorite hobby! The best part is I never run out of gift ideas anymore (my husband is one of those impossible-to-buy-for guys). I’ll use any holiday as an excuse to add to our collection. Here’s what I put together to make Easter working with our prepping plans.

Never sleep alone: a zombie hunter’s bedding set

Anyone shopping for a horrific touch in the bedroom? Get individual sheets and pillowcases from christiemelissa — or a whole set for $125.

Government-sponsored zombie preparedness literature

Whatever it takes to get the word out, Centers for Disease Control. Following up on the popularity of their May 2011 zombie preparedness blog, the CDC released a zombie apocalypse novella this month. OMG, the CDC is worried about zombies?!