Host a “create your own zombie” party with this kit

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Fuck carving pumpkins, this year it’s all about making your own zombies for Halloween! Ooh, or maybe you could host a “make your own zombie” party a la the make your own moster party with this all-in-one zombie-creating kit. Either way this just seems all kinds of undead fun…

From Amazon’s description:

This kit allows the collector/hobbyist to create one or several interchangeable classes of fully-poseable zombie, combining classic model-kit building with the new hobby of action figure customization.

Each kit contains 1/9 Scale Body with removable joints to add any of these custom pieces:

  • Heads ranging from just bitten to just plain yeech, with ultra-detailed levels of decay.
  • Two pair forearms — one pair contains fresh wounds and the second shows long-term decay
  • Two pair lower legs — each pair matches the forearms’ levels of injury and decrepitude, with torn flesh, exposed bone and withered skin
  • Two pair of hands that match the arm and leg sets for injury and decay, including exposed bones, one pair of feet that are rotten and chewed, with exposed bones

If you’re not confident about your zombie building talents, that’s cool: the kit comes with a DVD that shows painting and assembly techniques — featuring step-by-step instructions on how to make your own custom zombie look as gory and disgusting as possible. Now, who wants to give it a go?

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  1. I’ve been saving this in my Google reader for a bit now – I was thinking that this could make a fun wedding favor/activity. Then I checked out the price for 3 eep. I wonder if there are any cheaper alternatives…

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