Zombie cross stitch kits!

Guest post by Mich
Welcome Zombie Cross stitch by etsy seller aliciawatkins

And you thought cross stitch was for little old ladies, stitching BORING samplers and twee “kiss the cook” and “bless this house” patterns. Well, you were wrong!

I was lucky enough to get this amazing crafting kit from a dear friend (who knows me all too well) for my birthday a couple of years ago. It’s a ZOMBIE CROSS-STITCH kit! Okay, so the instructions aren’t the clearest, the floss isn’t high quality DMC floss but it’s still fucking awesome! You can buy your own from Barnes and Noble.

I’ve completed three projects from the pattern book so far…

zombie cross stitch

zombies only want you for your brains

dead rising cross stitch

And I’m working on my 4th (all just from stuff included in the kit).

zombie pinup

Anyone else created some geeky or subversive cross-stitches? I think my next cross-stitch project will be inspired by this Marvel Avengers/superheroes cross-stitch.

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  1. Gahhhh!!!! I want to learn how to cross stitch!! Here is your chance to overload me with tips, ideas, and links on how, what to buy, and where to start! Help a creative, needs-this-now girl out!

    • It’s simple and quite relaxing.
      Have you done any needle craft before? because you could always start with one of the kids craft project sets where the pattern is printed onto the fabric (called AIDA)

      as for regular cross stitch, you can buy all the stuff at Michaels or any other craft store. You will need:
      – AIDA (that special crosstitch fabric with holes)
      – Floss (there are 6 small strands making up floss, generally you use 2 of them at a time)
      – A blunt needle (small enough to fit through the holes in the fabric, but big enough that you can thread the floss)
      – A pattern

      my top tip for making sure your cross-stitch looks good is to make sure that when you make the crosses you always make sure the same stitch is done first and lies underneath.
      A cross stitch is made up of two stitches in the same square a / and a \
      i.e. always do you / stitches before your \ stitches (i hope that made sense)

  2. YAY! Also check out subversive cross stitch!! HILARIOUS! My brother got me “Shut your whore mouth” for christmas a few years ago and I just recently found it and decided to start it. The juxtaposition of old lady craft+bad words makes me laugh.

    • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing subversive cross stitch. My fiance and I were crying laughing at some of these. I’m so excited to make Christmas gifts now! šŸ™‚

  3. Two of the zombie patterns have been hanging in the front hallway of my house all year. šŸ™‚ It got me into doing lots of other stuff – I did a ton for gifts this past year and I’m working on some Harry Potter themed ones for the future. I’m considering coming up with my own little flower covered cross stitch pattern saying “Despite all my rage” to put up over my rats’ ratchelor pad.

  4. My sister cross stitched one of my partner’s favorite phrases for us- “Every fart is a cry for help from a trapped turd”. There are flowers and a bright shining sun around the phrase, and it hangs in our bathroom. It makes me laugh to think of guests (such as my partner’s lovely, proper ladylike mother) walking in, seeing a pleasant, old lady cross stitch, and then doing a shocked double take. Plus it just makes me snicker when I walk in there.

  5. I love the cross stitch! For Christmas I stitched a Dexter cross stitch of a scalpel dripping with Blood and the immortal words “If you’re bad, Dexter will cut your face”. Currently working on a silhouette of a stags head on a cushion, but it is taking FOREVER because its so large. But once Ive done that i’m gonna start a LOTR Pixel people patternt that I found on Etsy. Seriously, Etsy is AMAZING for Offbeat patterns and Kits. Also, I read a post on Regretsy about a website where you can upload any picture you want, and it turns it into a pattern for you, complete with colour guide! Amazeballs.

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