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It’s dangerous to go alone: take one of these coasters!

It’s a given that Link is probably not too concerned with the care of your furniture — but that doesn’t mean you can’t save your coffee table from condensation with handmade Legend of Zelda-themed coasters from Etsy user LimeGreenCoconuts.

Mass Effect-inspiration bedroom decor

From time to time, you’ll come across a very special book, video game or TV series that transports you to a unique universe — and does it so well, you could believe it’s real. The screen lights on, you turn the page, or press enter, and you find yourself in a completely different place. For me, the Normandy in Mass Effect was one of these places I wish I could really travel to: chill in the lounge, have a drink with Tali and jest a bit with Garrus. So what would I need to bring a little bit of that ultra-modern relaxing vibe home with me?

Fallout video game-inspired home decor

There’s one thing in the decoration department that I love to do more than decorating on my own place: decorating my video game character housing. So what happens when two obsessions collides? This happens: An inspiration board from a pretty awesome video game — Fallout 3-Tenpenny Towers.

It’s on like… a Donkey Kong-themed birthday party!

With three young children that I adore making a fuss for, party planning has become one of my favorite things. I l-o-v-e a theme and finding ways to creatively interpret it. So when my own “not so little/little guy” approached me with his request to host a Donkey Kong-themed party, I was up to the challenge!

13 random things from ThinkGeek to surprise your favorite geekoid

Does one ever REALLY need a reason to share a whole slew of geeky items — especially when y’all just KNOW ThinkGeek is always serving you pure brilliance, perfectly warmed to exactly the temperature you like?

1-up your living space with pixelated home decor

What do sharks, trash cans, coffee tables, and flowers have in common? They all look AWESOME pixelated… and in your home. If you love 8bit art as much as this Homie, then you’ll LOVE some of these pixelated home decor items.

Turn an NES controller into a wallet

If you’ve decided to retire your old original Nintendo, think about re-purposing the controller into an awesome wallet. Instructables has a no-sew tutorial that only takes a screwdriver, pliers, glue, and a long zipper.

A Super Mario Brothers-themed birthday party for a six-year-old

I am FREAKING OUT about this Mario-themed birthday party! The crew played games, ate piranha plant pops, and basically had my dream birthday party. Amazing.